A little of what Bloomington is paying Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin


EAC is the employees – this time doing the chili cook off.  I like how the expense is charged to Community Relations, the community wasn’t invited.

Martin Luther King’s dream is now officially dead.  Black Administrators need their own forum, the color of someone’s skin must somehow make them want things everybody else doesn’t want.  You know, silly things like good roads, low taxes, no shots fired in their neighborhood, . . . . .

October travel

Why investigations never take place:

panty city

I though Jenn was all about buying local!  Funny, I haven’t heard her say a word about sending this to Springfield every month.

sorling Jenn

Go to PDF page 136 to see all the PCard spending.  Besides travel, check out where else your money goes.

5 thoughts on “A little of what Bloomington is paying Monday:

  1. ​Diane, did you know about this?

    Raney Miller

    Cannabis factory and store on GE Rd.

    Just making you all aware that the city has been eyeing Leslie Drive across from Hawthorne II off GE to sell cannabis and the old GE factory to manufacture cannabis products. If you don’t want your property values to be negatively affected, the traffic or crime associated with sales (because the black market for cannabis will set up too) if you don’t want the pollution and smell from the factory you need to email all city council members and the Mayor. If you never wanted them then speak up! It looks like they will be deciding locations by December 16th meeting. This is written in the statute that it’s a social justice issue, offering reparations to those who previously broke the law and got caught. The statute states basically that the state would give preference to these people (who will have their records expunged) preference to run such businesses. Be sure your voice is heard!

    1 day ago · 37 neighborhoods in General
    [April & Tony Davenport]
    April & Tony Davenport
    It would great if they could find a use for that old run down factory.
    1 hr ago
    [Jim Wheeler]
    Jim Wheeler
    I have yet to see a post on this topic provide a link to any objective, scientifically-sound research that backs up all this concern. (It may have been provided, and admittedly may have missed it, but even when I asked another poster for such info, I got a well-written email stating such things exist but not what I asked for.) Also, every time I see a post like this, it’s always about what we should be against. What are the positive alternatives? Again, I might have missed those things, but if it were something I was this passionate about, I’d be providing quality info, links and resources left and right, so people could educate themselves. By the way, part of my skepticism with this comes from years ago, when I was part of a group adamantly opposed to our little “dry” town in Wisconsin no longer being dry. The sky was going to fall. Hell itself was going to open its gates on Main Street and so on. Today, the town is no longer dry, but it is just fine, even though someone can now buy beer at Kwik Trip.
    7 min ago


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