Glen Ellyn vrs Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Glen Ellyn also got a federal grant.  While Normal received $13 million, they got $14.4 million.

The grant is for reconstructing their Metra station and a pedestrian tunnel:


What’s the price tag?



What is the price tag for Normal’s underpass (only)?


Glenn Ellyn’s tunnel will have ramps to make it ADA compliant, the drawing doesn’t seem to show it wide enough to include ramps.

So, Glenn Ellyn is reconstructing a building and adding a tunnel for $2,000,000 less than Normal wants to spend just on a tunnel.

Sound legit?

I bet to Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings it does!

Anybody think Normal plans to build the

Taj Mahal underpass?

Who wants un-elected in 2021?


9 thoughts on “Glen Ellyn vrs Normal

  1. I’m guessing this “extra” money over and above an actual reasonable price to build this stupid and unnecessary underpass is going to go to…union pockets. If it would actually take 20 people to build it, they’ll hire 40. Or, rather than pay the current wage for such a project, they’ll pay double. One way or another this money is meant for the unions used to build it. After all, who is going to know the difference. There’s no accountability. They all do whatever they want with OUR money. Normal has their own Deep State–UNELECTED Administrative Employees ACCOUNTABLE to absolutely NO one. Just look at the way Pam Reece acts when ever anything is called into question–Offended.

    1. I think you are way off base. If you think it is just going to unions and to just the tune of 2 million. It like most other projects will use lessor materials and last half as long thus providing more money to the unions and the POLITICIANS to reclassify, wash and spend elsewhere. Just like on Independence Day (the movie) you don’t think a hammer cost $700? BTW we don’t need this piece of Koos.

  2. Glen Ellyn has “uptown” beat to snot! Especially when the lilacs are in bloom, and it’s ALSO a suburb of Chicago, WHAT DOES uptown have? REALLY! And WHO wants to come to uptown? especially when there is NOT a 5 STAR restaurant (medicis is minimal at BEST) and there is NOTHING else happening in uptown, NOTHING! The GOOD places have been destoyed for mr koos ideal of uptown 1. 66 of which it will NEVER be 2.0, whatever that looks like. It’s a college town, and comes NOWHERE close to such places at Columbia, MO, Boulder, CO. Tucson, AZ, etc. and it NEVER will, even with a BS underpass, which will flood on a REGULAR basis, as uptown is in a swamp, and water knows it don’t run uphill.
    VOTE them ALL OUT!

    1. Agreed. Glen Ellyn is a nice, classy place. Bloomington and Normal used to be, but are now corrupt, Marxist crapholes. Thanks Tari! Thanks Koos! You get what you vote for–or what the fringe elects, if you don’t vote.

      1. I disagree – not yet ‘corrupt, Marxist crapholes’, but have definitely been headed in that direction. That’s why Normal elected Stan by such a large margin – to avoid completing that transition. Hopefully he’s the vanguard of a coming sweep for reform-minded candidates at all levels.

  3. Glen Ellyn is a bedroom community. Their economics are very different from Normal’s. Most of their residents leave Glen Ellyn to work and come back home to shop,relax and sleep. B/N residents for the most part live, shop and work within the same economic community. B/N’s economy includes the local job environment. This is why some Chicago suburbs can be so nice and offer few jobs outside of retail and little to no industry. Unfortunately, our elected elites do not understand basic economics so they try to be like Glen Ellyn and Naperville.

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