New US GOP Senator grew up by Stanford

Since two people have contacted me with this information today:

Kelly Loeffler was appointed by Gov Kemp to fill a seat vacated for heath reasons.  Pro-Life groups are not happy, the Governor tweeted this:

kemp tweet

Read more about objections to her appointment here:

Time will tell what kind of Senator she will be, I hear she has flown here on a private jet.

Hopefully she kept her farming Midwest values.








2 thoughts on “New US GOP Senator grew up by Stanford

  1. Georgian here who used to live in the Marxist-Commie Union North: this pick enrages me! She owns part of a WNBA team which is in bed with Nazi baby killers Planned Parenthood. WNBA is filled with godless scissoring ugly dykes. As soon as i heard the video game NBA 2K20 added WNBA teams, I crossed that product off my son’s Christmas list. After hearing Doug Collins wimpy testimony today too, I’m glad Kemp didn’t pick him. We need Conservative fighters. I wish Newt was picked.

    I will say Kelly Loeffler is scorching hot and I heard Donald loves her for that. Can’t blame him. Trump has amazing taste in women! Glad he’s POTUS


    1. Well I tried not to answer, but. Sir, your side lost the Civil War and surrendered your Confederate Flag. Today as I drive in the South some, and i see them flying all over this one thought comes to mind. People that fly a surrendered flag are fools, and the bigger that flag, the bigger the fool flying it.


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