Connect Transit holding November meeting tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the original on PDF page 7:

Board Packet 12-5-19Final.jpg

Shucks!  Connect almost made it to a million dollar loss in 1 month!

Maybe they should have traveled more and had more meetings:  (PDF page 5)

ct travel

See PDF page 8 – Ridership on both fixed routes and mobility was down from the same month last year.

riders oct19

PDF page 9 shows riders down year-to-date too.

PDF page 15 – Fare increase delayed:

delay fare increase

PDF page 17 – extending agreement with ISU.  The one page conveniently leaves off essential numbers like estimated number of riders and how much ISU is paying per ride.

PDF page 18 and following discusses bus stop improvements.  It doesn’t mention that after spending tons of money to make many ADA compliant, it will be very difficult to change routes to provide rides to currently under-served people.

Because of Chris Koos’s failure to appointment anyone to the vacancy on the Connect Transit Board, Normal continues to be under represented. 








4 thoughts on “Connect Transit holding November meeting tomorrow

  1. Hope it’s over before 5:30 so Pam Reece will have time to get to the Citizens Meeting in Normal or maybe because she is so Ethical she won’t be at the Citizens meeting.

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