Sign at the NE Corner of Veterans and Oakland

Thanks to a reader!

The property is where Hardees used to be.  There are no events listed under Planning Commission on the City website.  There is nothing on the City calendar for January 8th.

I don’t think a hearing would be required if another fast food place was moving in – at least it shouldn’t be in a business friendly community.  But then  . . . . .


12 thoughts on “Sign at the NE Corner of Veterans and Oakland

  1. I am confused. Did the city buy the property? Does someone want to sell liquor there? Have never seen a sign like that on what I thought was private property.


    1. In Tari, Jenn, and Crabill’s world (and Bernie and Liz), there ISN’T any private property.

      That is their ultimate goal. NEVER FORGET THAT FACT!

      My slogan for 2020: “Better Dead Than Red”.


  2. I believe all new businesses have to provide a site plan to the Planning Commission. With the new Zoning ordinances, there are new standards that need to be met.


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