Bloomington’s spending spree

By:  Diane Benjamin

The chart below was compiled from these 3 links listed.   This is strictly my opinion, but I lumped General Fund spending and Enterprise Fund spending together because things like garbage used to be in the General Fund but now it isn’t..

The Enterprise Funds are:

PDF page 50:

enterprise funds

All of these funds get tax and fee increases so they break even except the Arena.

Budget Sources:

PDF page 56

PDF page 60

PDF page 78

general fund increase

Yes, it’s small and probably hard to read, so see this recap:

hard to read

Taxes and fees have increased dramatically.  

Expect more of the same unless voters make better choices.  Tari Renner took office in May of 2013.  His first budget was in 2014.

Pension funding has increased the budget with little change in the percentage funded.    Government officials should DEMAND changes to pensions before more people leave or are bankrupted by the tax increases.

Instead you will be told the Progressive Tax constitutional amendment will fix everything.  It will only tax you more!  

The Constitutional amendment should have been for pension reform,  Obviously government exists for government employees, not you!







10 thoughts on “Bloomington’s spending spree

  1. I’m sure someone can make the case that the quality of government services in Bloomington has increased by 75.91% since 2012. Hahahahahahahahaha! Hello? Anyone there?

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  2. You guys are fun!

    the difference of current amount less prior amount, over the prior amount…

    = (b-a)/a

    (b) Current amount – 167,000,287
    (a) Prior amount – 126,768,798

    Difference amount – 40,231,489

    = 167,000,287 – 126,768,798 = 40,231,489

    = 40,231,489 / 126,768,798 = .3174

    .3174 X 100 = 31.74%

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  3. The pension increases and UNFUNDED liability are unsustainable. Yes constitutional amendment should have been for the pensions NOT for more taxes!

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