Unit 5 Teachers:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Does this look familiar?



8 thoughts on “Unit 5 Teachers:

  1. So you post a random spread sheet without any context which is supposedly about Unit 5. You couldn’t be more abstruse if you tried. If you’re trying to get something across you’re going to have to give more information. No one can read one spread sheet with some numbers and infer anything.


      1. So without any context/explanation how does this qualify as “news” on your “news reporting” site? What are you asking about the sheet? What are we supposed to be looking for? Keep doing your excellent job of “reporting” the “news” nobody else does!


  2. Good for you Diane! Looks like you “triggered” FROM ONE TEACHER and TRUMPETTIM. Your post clearly seeks input and information. They ignore that, and go into snarky attack mode. Know that teacher type well. Hard Left, Self Righteous, Victim Complex, Intellectually dishonest and None too bright. Pity their students.

    Home schooling looks better every day.

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  3. Well put maggie. I had MANY teachers who THOUGHT they were BRILLIANT! But the ones I learned from AND followed to a life career, were modest, appreciative and caring people, usually WELL ABOVE average intellect and willing to GO the extra mile. They didn’t NEED to teach for the money, they did it as a PASSION!
    THEY were the BEST !!!!

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