Danvers: Paging Mayor Caisley

By:  Diane Benjamin

I did not attend last night’s meeting but I received a report from people who did attend.

The good news is the meeting was again held in the larger room where citizens could attend.  The bad news is some citizens could not hear everything because microphones were still not used.  I hear one resident loudly pointed that out.

More good news:  the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

More bad news:  The citizens present still had no idea what the Board was voting on.  No minutes or financial information was available to the public.

More good news:  Police Chief Kemp handed out both a December monthly police report and an annual report.  His department handled 501 calls for service and 78 calls to assist other agencies.

Wow!  Transparency and it didn’t hurt a bit. 

Learn anything Mayor Caisley?   Is transparency too difficult?  Maybe the NEXT Mayor will understand citizens have a right to know how their money is spent!



4 thoughts on “Danvers: Paging Mayor Caisley

  1. WHY can’t Renner and Koos learn from meetings like this??? We want TRANSPARENCY and it shouldn’t be a pain in the A$$ to get it!!! What do we want? Open the books! We want Koos and Renner to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! Otherwise we will end up like Detroit – DEMS in charge for too long and now they are broke and look like IRAN after we just bombed them!!


  2. Democrats Koos and Renner: “…many things are revealed to the humble that are hidden from the great…” AESII. Gentlemen, the time is here for you to be humble or be humbled.
    It is your choice to make. Transparency won’t do, the shenanigans need to cease.

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