Unit 5 Does Comedy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On December 5th I FOIA’d Unit 5 for emails referring to Standards Based Grading.  I was told it was way to many emails and they requested I narrow the request.  I did narrow the request to emails between Dan Lamboley and the consultant  Unit 5 hired – Garnet Hillman.

I also requested a list of expenses incurred with Standards Based grading – that part I have never received.  Yes, I have emailed them!

My request was extended another 5 days, then I received a request to wait until after their vacation because staff would have to be called in to review the volume of emails.  I declined that request.  Next I received an email their lawyer claimed had the emails attached.  It didn’t.

Yesterday, after I reminded them I still didn’t have the emails, I received a 16 page PDF with a few emails repeated over and over.  See it here:  Standards Based Grading FOIA (resent Jan 06 20)

The emails mostly arranged meetings.  The best part if how Garnet Hillman signs her emails:


In my opinion Unit 5 was just stalling, there was no reason to delay those meaningless emails.  Hilarious.

According to some sources, Common Core has led to unprepared students for college.  Here is one article:  https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/31/first-common-core-high-school-grads-worst-prepared-for-college-in-15-years/

Is “Cleansing Grades” going to be any better?  Why aren’t teachers just allowed to teach?  Aren’t they best able to determine what their students need?

Years ago I taught 2 adult education classes in coordination with Lincoln Land Community College.   All I got was the book.  It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  When a student understands it’s exhilarating.  If I had been told to waste time doing the “worksheet” I posted yesterday, I would have quit:  https://blnnews.com/2020/01/06/unit-5-teachers/

Yesterday’s story did prompt numerous copies of a petition signed by close to 100 teachers.  I’m told it is from NCHS but has been sent to every teacher in the District, the School Board, and Administration.

This is the petition:


See the petition and signers here:  petition

A note was included by one person who emailed me:

The teachers need parents to get involved.  Contact the School Board and Administration.

The next School Board meeting is January 15th.

See the Board members here:  https://www.unit5.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=68

See Garnet Hillman’s website here:  http://garnethillman.com/

Your kids only get one chance at a good education.   Districts need to quit experimenting and just allow teachers to teach!

8 thoughts on “Unit 5 Does Comedy!

  1. But what about the sea turtles and the fact plastic bags look like jellyfish? Oh say can you SEE is what starts the National Anthem, but maybe it was supposed to be Oh say can you SEA as in can you (Save the) SEA (turtles) by the dawn’s early light (in 2020) and then we have Dan Trump doing nothing about SEAson 8 of Game of Thrones…irony much?? You think that Daneyrs Trump was in mind when George R R Martin wrote the final piece to the beautiful series? I doubt it because he hasn’t even WRITTEN it yet! So now we have Dan and Dave predicting the future and what Dan Trump would have done to King’s Landing?

    And don’t get me started on Papa John Madden! We’re looking at a man that eats 50 something pizzas a week but still is the namesake for the most popular sports video game series since NBA Jam CANT BUY A BUCKET HE’S HEATING UP.

    The whole PLANET is heating up John I mean just look at Australia?! Something like 15 or 8,000 Pandas are dead and the Kangaroos are taking boats just to escape! What the hell! Why aren’t we reducing our dihydrogen monoxide production in North America? We’re the LARGEST contributing factor next to the oceans. Who the hell ordered this? Order 66? Watch out Plo Koon!

    Unreal about the Unit 5 information gathered from the FOIA as well. Keep doing good work.


      1. And NOW all the news about the FRAUDULENT impeachment is suddenly quiet… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Dems drop all charges but none of the LEFTIST news sources report it… The fires in Austria are just the beginning. Soon the whole world will be up in flames if the Dems have their way. They are happy that Australia is on fire because it distracts from their FAILURE to impeach our RIGHTFUL president!!!


  2. The real question is WHY are we allowing these schools to indoctrinate our kids with “better” ways of doing things? The are being brainwashed by liberal snowflake SJW teachers who just want them all to vote for Bernie 2020 when they turn 18. We need to tell our kids that just because the ENTIRE scientific community is in agreement that climate change is real and we need to do something, that doesn’t mean that people actually NEED to do anything. That’s just the commie socialist left trying to get them to be more and more like them.

    It starts with the crooks up in Chicago and trickles down to the respectable working class here in BN. We KNOW that allowing Unit 5 to brainwash our kids and then implement worse teaching methods will lead to our kids becoming socialists, which is just what Koos, Renner, Carillo, and the rest of the BN city council members want. More free handouts and more taxes, so they can fund their Uptown 2.0 and get the “right fit”.

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  3. So happy to see this list of teachers joining together. I know many of them. I truly hope this motivates the school board to sit up and take notice. I wonder how one of these board members would have liked SBG when her son was at NCHS? All the credentials he was able to have for his college applications would have been nonexistent with SBG.

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  4. This is all just another thing that unneeded administrators can point to as being a reason the their existence. They have to exist in order to continually evaluate crap like this and justify their job. How about getting rid of some of these highly overpaid fools and just let teacher teach? These administrators prove the saying “Too many cooks in the kitchen” still holds true in today’s world.
    BTW three testimonials for the whole country on the consultant’s website total….NOT GOOD and says a lot.

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