BCPA posts another event report!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Source:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=23753

Looks impressive, RIGHT?

Not so fast, see below.

Wind hill

The artist fees are blank again!

(see previous stories)


aerist fee

Obviously this show lost money just like most of the others.  

See the event as promoted here:  https://www.artsblooming.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/10963/710?curdate=12-13-2019&curm=12&cury=2019


10 thoughts on “BCPA posts another event report!

  1. My question is, where is the line for advertisement? How do they expect to make any money without advertising their shows?


      1. So they do advertise and just don’t record the expense? Then where do they advertise? I don’t hear anything on local radio. I don’t see anything on the most popular local Facebook page. I have seen a flash of an ad on the Veteran’s billboards, but that’s it.


  2. One would think they could get tickets done for LESS then $235. MAY not sound like much, but pennies add up. as well as DOLLARS, which this gig ain’t bringing in.
    Meanwhile Kiss and David Lee Roth are basically SOLD OUT at Peoria! How’s that happen??
    MAYBE if the MARKarena dropped their fee and sold OUT they might actually break even, but Tari don’t get it, and Jenn is too stoned to care!


  3. These expense reports are a joke! If the BCPA were a public company, the SEC would have fined them into oblivion and shut them down. I can’t believe they post this garbage. So, they’re saying the events are profitable as long as you don’t include the artist fee?! Let’s face it, these reports are only published because the law requires it. But, does the law say they have to be accurate?! Wonder if the lapdog local media will investigate. Not holding my breath.


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