Bloomington payments 1/27/2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the City now has Jeff Jurgens as an employee, we will see if this disappears in the future:  (he was their employee)

Sorling 1asorling 1b

Community Relations?  did you get an invite to the feast:


A future artist fee?

future artist fee

This really needs a new name:

mental health

Pantagraph scores again:

panty 1panty 2

This is just a members in the US Council of Mayors, Normal paid the same amount,

us conference of mayors

Paying the Chamber of Commerce is Community Relations?  

BN Advantage is supposedly dead, so who did it go to?

weath resitribution

9 thoughts on “Bloomington payments 1/27/2020

  1. I would be VERY surprised IF the Pantagraph even had 16,000 subscribers, being the non professional, thinly veiled, and page less rag that it it. It USED to be a decent read, but anymore, there ‘s more content on a bathroom wall.
    as for $5200 for a mayors conference, I’d have NO PROBLEM with it, as long as we had a mayor who had brain ONE enough to shut off his toilet (as well as his mouth) BEFORE he left, and promised to NEVER come back!
    I’d even match the fee for the uptown imbecile to chaperone him!
    That’s what the DEMOCRATS call a WIN-WIN!


  2. Did you catch the money spent for the White Elephant’s food concessions? Judy M”the coliseum wont cost taxpayers one thin dime!”


  3. …and there are people who actually think the Pantagraph is a source for accurate local news. Hell no, they aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds it. Also today please note the piece of garbage Q5 story in the Pantagraph servicing Matejka (Mr feed the union by starving the taxpayer) much like Colbert once accused somebody of serving Putin.


      1. The only reason I read it was I saw the scum’s name in 32 point letters and knew it was going to be a better fluff job than…. At times I do wonder why the Pantahraph even talks to this idiot Matejka and vice-a-versa since the Paragraph broke their printer’s union a while back. (Don’t be fooled by the fact they now print elsewhere as the reason why the union is gone….they fought the union and beat them which opened the door….)


  4. Ghost: You and I know none of the local union leadership gives a rat about the grassroots worker they are suppose to represent. Leadership lives off a well orchestrated Ponzi scheme where the workers are promised job security and retirement in exchange for the Magic Mikes, Penn’s and Morehead’s getting a piece of their paycheck. They could care less the Pantagraph did some union busting as long as they still get a piece of the worker pie for providing the illusion they actually care.


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