Hypocrisy in Springfield

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday there was an Executive Committee meeting scheduled concerning the problems raised with Automatic Voter Registrations (AVR).  It was cancelled and rescheduled for February 5th.

Well, sort of rescheduled.  This is the meeting February 5th:


voter suppression

Instead of discussing “glitches” that registered people to vote who aren’t entitled to that privilege, those questioning Automatic Voter Registration will be condemned for suppressing the vote.

Click on the link and read the full text of this bill.

(Note:  A link for Witness Slips has been disappearing and reappearing.)

You can create a Witness Slip at this site:


Under “Subject Matter: choose Automatic Voter Registration.  Choose “Opponent” if you think the program should at least be temporarily suspended – then “Record of Appearance Only”.

Illinois politicians prove once again that protecting the integrity of Illinois elections isn’t the goal.  

The Witness Slip used to work, this is my confirmation:

witness slip



11 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in Springfield

  1. Too bad we can’t get a LOT of Illinois (as well as other) politicians to just DISAPPEAR, with the click of a link. Now THAT would be a link worth it’s cost!

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