As seen on Facebook: Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin

Democrat socialists are just regular socialists.  They want to shut down speech they don’t agree with.  The local clowns are no different.  Socialism is about government control and taking away your rights.  Of course it won’t apply to “their” rights.

Please nominate Bernie Sanders so Trump can crush him. 

Note how the first ideas these democrat socialists jump to is how to shut down Trump supporters.  They would have the ACLU filing lawsuits if anyone had done this to Obama.

Socialist would destroy the first amendment followed by all your liberty and freedom.  The post was written by a member of Black Lives Matter.  Of course Carillo is on the Bloomington City Council.  Jan Lancaster is a downtown icon to Tari Renner.

I think I need a MAGA hat!

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18 thoughts on “As seen on Facebook: Socialists

  1. GREAT! A NEW business in Bloomington, and it’s NOT downtown, have to go check it out , Wonder IF I wear a MAGA hat they will give me a discount or a big HUG!
    As for the ABOVE folks, there’s more hate there then wind in a turbine farm!
    Heck, I’d vote for Bernie IF he’d give me FREE farmland! I ALREADY PAID for everything else!

  2. Ironic one person said. Yeah, no kidding. Ironic for her in failing to realize that it was the soul of this republic to recognize and evolve more freedoms for ALL people rather than their embrace of freedom failing communist ideology. The left wing is truly clueless.

  3. How exactly are they shutting down anything? I guess having an opinion that is not your opinion makes them suspect.

    “Socialist would destroy the first amendment followed by all your liberty and freedom.” Where did you get that piece of fiction? Socialism or democratic socialism doesn’t “destroy” the first amendment. That you think so, means that you did little to no research about democratic socialist and you’re spreading fear and misinformation about “socialism”. You then go on to dis Black Lives Matter. Which is pretty humorous since your an old white lady with zero understanding of African Americans. I bet anything that you cross the street so you don’t have to pass by a black person.

    Also socialism is not communism. If you had taken any basic political science class you’d know the difference. Democratic socialist are against gross inequalities of wealth and power, discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability status, age, religion, and national origin. Socialists believe in share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution. I could go on with the Democratic socialist beliefs, but you’re not interested in anything other than demonizing and mischaracterizing what you don’t care to understand.

    What if I said that Trump’s aim is to use fear, racism and white resentment and hatred to gin up his base? What if I said Trump is guilty of abuse of power and that he continues to abuse his power to extend his brand of fear, xenophobia and misinformation. Trump’s aim is to actually limit anyone’s first amendment rights who disagree with him since he leans towards autocratic power. That’s a take that anyone who isn’t in the Trump cult realizes about his supporters. I also wouldn’t assume that Trump is going to win. He still can’t really get beyond his fanatical base. Even if he gained some popularity, he still under 50 percent and has a huge unfavorable percentages.

    1. Socialism is communism without shooting objectors. It always turns into shooting, see the latest news from Venezuela. You are uniformed about me and Trump. If he is so awful why is every race doing better since he became president?

      1. Where pray tell are democratic socialist shooting anyone in this country? This country is not Venezuela nor are the democratic socialist countries like Norway and Sweden.

        “Every” race is not doing better under Trump because of his asinine tariff policies, both farming and manufacturing have suffered. He has certainly not made life better for minorities or black and brown peoples. He’s a racist and his words and actions speak volumes about his disregard and out and out hatred for minorities. His outreach to minorities are smoke and mirrors designed to give cover to his lies.

        I’m uninformed about you? I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’ve read your screeds against Black Lives Matter, total demonization of immigrants. I’ve read your ridiculous “white explaining” of Black History Month last year which was very racist to say the least. Again, your words speak pretty loudly and clear and they are not pretty at all.

        And comically of all you tell me that I’m uninformed. Well until you actually write about socialism in a proper perspective, you have no credibility.

        1. I really appreciate the MSNBC and CNN version of the facts!

          Venezuela didn’t start out shooting, they are now.

          Norway and Sweden aren’t socialist countries – get some acts. They are capitalist countries with huge saftey nets they are pulling back in.

          Farmers are going to score now that Trump signed a new agreement with China.

          The rest of your comments are hilarious! Thanks for playing!

    2. When a member of council makes threats of “checking to see if they have permits” it is just that threatening and it is has undertones of Nazi behavior. . Her parents are in the country illegally why isn’t she reporting that? I’m totally going tomorrow to stock up.

  4. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,,,will the real slim shady, please stand up, please stand up? Jerry you’re a fake that’s so easy to see, you’re only embarrassing yourself as a mental midget. Get back to the library and read something easy to understand like an old comic book or something.

  5. that business best be careful. look what happened in florida when a trump hater decided to drive his vehicle thru a repub voter registration booth. with liberals,i put NOTHING past em!

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