As Seen on Facebook:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Elections reveal who people really are.  They are passionate and say things they would never say otherwise.  (In other words, they hide who they are the rest of of the time.)  If people take the time to send me things they find troubling, you probably need to see them too.

Start with Mayor Koos.  He is evidently talking about Blago’s pardon, but he really doesn’t say.  (Could Blago be working with the Feds, he likely knows corruption!)

koos trump

Does Koos not know the Constitution gives the President the right to pardon anyone he wants?  (including Roger Stone!)  Did Koos comment when Obama commuted the sentence of a FALN terrorist?  When he did DACA after he said over and over he couldn’t?  When he failed to send aid to Benghazi?  As a veteran Chris should have been outraged!  If I listed all Obama treachery this post would be too long!

One comment proves why the media is responsible for dividing the country.  Obviously wherever this person gets news only provides democrat talking points.  It proves why you should get news from lots of sources, you too could be this guy if you don’t:

fake news koos


Then there is Jenn:

jenn childcare

Question 1:  People aren’t capable of staying home with their kids and watching the live stream?  (or the archived video?)

Question 2:  Do the child care people need to be licensed by the State?

Question 3:  Has a room at City Hall been approved as a day care facility by DCFS?

Question 4:  Are you going to cover the lawsuit expenses when one of the little darlings gets hurt while under the care of the Bloomington City Council?

Question 5:  Your last meeting was around an hour. not three hours.  Why did you exaggerate?

Question 6:  Even if a meeting lasts 3 hours, why would anyone want to witness it in person when it’s available from their couch?

Question 7:  Is the “crowd” you expect to show up still required to be quiet?  Or, are you trying to turn council meetings into a circus?

Email your alderman – Jenn gave you the address.  Tell them what you think of the local socialist.  Better yet, email the entire council!


6 thoughts on “As Seen on Facebook:

  1. A Trump Derangement Syndrome infected socialist elitist mayor who needs to retire to Florida, so he can work on things that will keep him calm like feeding ice cream to the sea gulls. Don’t worry Mayor Koos… the adults in the United States have this covered…. just leave please (you have already done enough damage).

    And Jenn (our hometown AOC), needs to move somewhere that contains people as dumb and as brainwashed as she is. It’s not working here, Jenn… childcare for public meetings is just silly and is a non-issue issue. Jenn you should be marching with ANTIFA or some other leftist group in some big city where you belong.

    Yes, the time for these two leftist crazies is quickly drawing to an end. The Age of Information is EVERYWHERE finally telling the truth to the people. Thanks to Diane and thousands of citizen journalists around the world, we now can find out what is really going on. Socialist Globalism is dying everywhere and National Populism is winning in country after country around the world.

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  2. It’s funny how Koos worships Government and thinks it can solve all of our problems, unless the party he doesn’t agree with is in power. Then he’s scared. Chris, this is why “we the people” don’t want big government. We want it out of our way so we can fix our own problems and exercise our God given freedoms!

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  3. RE Koos: Whenever someone says the Constitution is a fluid document, I bristle. Doesn’t he realize the USA is a Representative Republic, governed by the Congress? Is he aware that the Founding Fathers put into place “checks & balances” to ensure the Republic survived a “democratic rule?” The law of the land, the Consitution, is interpreted by the Supreme Court and enforced by the President. Tyranny is more likely in a democracy.

    RE Jenn: If Jenn wants the poor and working-class to take a more active role in government, a neighborhood child-care co-op would be a better way to go…” it takes a village.” Jenn is also forgetting her role as a Representative. And finally, if Jenn wants her constituents to be active citizens for the betterment of the community, those who have young children should be spending time with their youngsters to ensure they become responsible, productive citizens.

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  4. Lets get really serious about Jenn(not easy is it?) FREE CHILDCARE for meetings and events in Bloomington. So lets say five child care workers are hired. That’s wages/healthcare/licensing/pensions/sick leave/vacation . ALL of which are paid for by the TAXPAYERS of Bloomington. so now folks,we no longer have FREE childcare but but TAXPAYER FUNDED babysitters ! That’s a very expensive babysitter for just one hour. She emphasizes the “at a relatively low expense ” Oops, I forgot to add the expense of electricity/heat/water and probably snacks on the TAXPAYER bill as well. Jenn explain to me now how this will be relatively inexpensive?

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