Update: Local Bernie Bros go nuts

2 National news outlets picked up this story. Sorry Sonny, they didn’t use your name.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s own Democrat Socialists who support Bernie Sanders made the Champaign News last night.  They are upset Betsy Dirksen Londigron won’t have another debate with challenger Stefanie Smith.  The report claims they did have a recent debate.  Both want to replace Rodney Davis in Congress.

Watch the video below.  These are the Bernie Sanders buddies. From Sonny Garcia’s Facebook page:

sonny champaign

The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Abolishing ICE are all plans to destroy America.  I hope Bernie wins the nomination so America can end the threat he and his supporters pose with an overwhelming vote against him.

Does anybody think the Bernie Bros are going to be non-violent if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination?  (Even if they say they are non-violent?)

Whoever did the Facebook Live video must have been trying to hide who was participating.  I do know Sonny Garcia, a building service foreman at ISU, participated.  https://cscouncil.illinoisstate.edu/about/minutes/2019-04-16%20Approved%20041619%20CSC%20Minutes.pdf

Watch the video and see if you think these socialists are non-violent.  It’s only February, it’s a long time until November.  They certainly aren’t winning any votes for Stefanie Smith.

13 thoughts on “Update: Local Bernie Bros go nuts

  1. Once the democratic establishment nominates Bloomberg and his VP candidate Hillary Clinton (I really expect this to happen), the Bernie wing of the Democratic party is going to go insane. I could see rioting and violence across the country from these radical socialists when they realize how screwed they are and how screwed they have always been. It is going to be fun to watch these socialist/communist’s heads explode with rage and denial. Get your popcorn ready!

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    1. A prominent staffer has already promised that certain cities will burn if he is not the nominee and also if Trump wins re-election. It is a miracle that the racist Garcia keeps his ISU job.

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      1. Garcia has a criminal background and was barred from running for City office (not that people can’t be reformed) but his actions border on criminal harassment.

        Trained in non-violent direct action??? Yes, actions speak louder than words.


  2. Unreal…. I laugh with the virus that is now causing the stock market drops….This country is screwed. If Bernie doesn’t get nominated…extreme left riots and terrorism, if he gets nominated and loses to Trump….extreme left riots and terrorism. But if Bernie would become president the recent stock market drops will seem like nothing. Socialism/Communism and Capitalism do not play well together.

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