Another Downtown Bloomington Fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

This notice in the paper was sent by a reader:

102 N Main Tax Parcel 21-04-338-019 is this building – it is being foreclosed:

102 pic

The address is 102 N Main – across the street from the Law and Justice Center.

The building was bought in 2008:

102 purchase price

It is listed for sale for $399,000

DFB Properties LLC is listed on the Secretary of State website. The manager and agent is:

102 cyber

The property had three loan modifications according to the Recording Records.  Evidently it didn’t help.

dfb properties

Will this become another empty building downtown?







16 thoughts on “Another Downtown Bloomington Fail

  1. I believe Dorris is a local attorney famous for backing many liberal causes. One of his buddies is singer John Mellencamp, or John Cougar or John Cougar Mellencamp.


  2. Sorry TROUBLE2, but downtown is ALREADY headed for the crematorium! ASK YOURSELF. HOW many of these properties WILL be rented in the NEXT year?
    CII East
    Front & Center
    Snyder Bldg.
    Old National bank
    Elks bldg
    State Farm
    That’s AT LEAST 10,000 feet of space, maybe RIVIAN can help Bloomington out, since Koos “says” it’s SUCH a big winner!

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    1. State Farm’s old building is being leased and will have around 275-300 employees in several levels. There is some space left too.


      1. Is that potential of 275-300 employees or is that carved in stone? With downtown in this city I only believe it when I see it. Remember the great potential in uptown Normal that remains empty or is leased by city at high prices. Don’t forget those empty apartments. Take nothing in faith said by these bozos.

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      2. MEDIAAGHOST, My figure came from a Birdcage liner paper. So it is what it is. But my point about the old State Farm Building being off the market was proven even more in today’s same paper. Now if your talking about State Farm cutting its work force here, yep you are right on. Does this help?


    2. Dear Proletariat Masses,

      Just a few empty buildings does not mean that downtown Bloomington is not a growing vibrant retail and cultural center! And just because Rivian has never made a vehicle and does not seem like it will make a vehicle in the foreseeable future does not mean that Normal is not a high technology manufacturing success!

      There is nothing to worry about! Your communist party city leadership has everything under control.

      Please make your checks payable to the Town of Normal or the City of Bloomington.

      Sincerely yours,

      Comrade Koos
      Comrade Renner

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  3. AS an “afterthought” I sincerely hope that Mr Tari Renner reads this post!
    As this building being listed for $700 K on one of the BUSIEST corners in town, with NO toilet damage, and a nice looking outside, no connecting walls, and parking in the area CANNOT fetch $700K! IF it were in a
    nice part of town it would be SOLD! 3 Stories, high visibility, GREAT location, and a fairly good price…

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  4. Downtown would be in better shape if the City government didn’t spend a nickel and had no involvement in anything even remotely associated with Downtown. Change my mind.


  5. …but, But, But! But it’s right across the street from all those Connect Transit buses! There should be a Waiting List for that building because CT is such a major draw within the community! At least that’s what I’ve been told over and over again. I’m so confused!

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