Normal’s hatred for citizens is now legendary

The budget was posted hours after this story:  Normal’s budget just got posted
By:  Diane Benjamin


budget hearing

Citizens get a whole 5 minutes to comment on the proposed budget!

Bigger problem:

The budget is not on-line!

This is the notice:

Pubic Hear notice

If you want to see how Normal is going to spend your money, you have to view the budget at the library or the Clerk’s office.  A lot of people would take the time to scan through it on-line.  Purposely it is not on-line.  This means the Town of Normal does not want you to know what is in it.

This is OLD information:

One More:

According to Fuhrer Koos, spending approved at Council meetings can not be discussed by the Trustees because all spending is pre-approved in the budget.

Trustees who vote to approve the budget on Monday will prove they don’t care if you know what they are voting on.  

The new fiscal year doesn’t start until April 1st.  The vote should be tabled until the budget is on line and citizens have the ability to review it.

How much spending for Uptown 2.0 is included?  Is more borrowing included?  Are more property purchases included?  Are more tax increases included?

General information will be distributed to the media.  The media will dutifully report only what they are told.

Bloomington has been transparent on the budget they are proposing.  Normal is obviously hiding information.

If this doesn’t tell you Normal despises your opinion, don’t forget their still illegal public comment policy.

Stay tuned for what they are paying at this meeting!  Hint:  Is Koos retiring?

13 thoughts on “Normal’s hatred for citizens is now legendary

  1. Fuher Koos is a leftist authoritarian. Vladimir Lenin, “In order to make an omelet, you need to break a few eggs” . Lenin was referring to the elimination (killing) of anyone who opposed him.

    For a leftist authoritarian, the proletariat (the people) are not part of the decision making process for anything that matters. The authoritarian knows what is best for the people. Shut up, sit down and do as you are told or there WILL be consequences.

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      1. Of course he can limit speaking time. He could have NPD standing there and if you go over 5 minutes you will be stopped by the King and threatened with arrest. Do you seriously think Koos wants an open forum?


  2. The idea of Koos “retiring” is great if it were to happen. Unfortunately the local media and people who surround him would stand in line to say how great a public servant he was and the like. I guess after seeing what he has done I prefer to be vindictive. A rousing defeat at the polls (but the apathy on election day makes this unlikely) or something putting him in a disgraced position would be more satisfying. But I guess you take what you can get.

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  3. Just a thought::
    IF Koos went on a ROAD TRIP and took Tari with him, and LEFT Illinois, and never returned, would Illinois be a better state?


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