Corona Virus

What you need to know:

If you don’t feel well STAY HOME.

This is a huge threat is to our healthcare system.  Even though we are in better shape than a lot of countries, we do not have hospital bed availability for millions of people who may need treatment.  Doctors, nurses, and emergency workers could fall ill making it worse.  You probably know the elderly are at greatest risk.

If you don’t feel well STAY HOME.

Unless you are having trouble breathing you probably don’t need to see a doctor.  Stay home!  Many health insurance companies allow you to speak with a medical professional remotely, use it if you have it.

Cancelling events is a smart move.  Avoiding crowds right now is vital to stopping the spread.

The good news is:

  • Most people will recover without any treatment.
  • Some people won’t even know they have it – again stay home even if slightly sick

We will get through this, we are Americans.  Stay calm and self quarantine.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Quit believing the media, they are making it worse right now than it really is.

You probably know, but polling places formerly in assisted living facilities and nursing homes have been moved:

McLean County:  Evergreen Place-Assisted Living which was the Polling Place for Precinct 10 voters and the McLean County Nursing Home which was the Polling Place for Precinct 21 voters have been moved to:

Cardinal Court for Normal 10

Fairview Pool for Normal 21 voters

In Bloomington precincts 21 & 48 formerly voting at Westminster Village have been moved to the DoubleTree Hotel and Conference Center.


11 thoughts on “Corona Virus

  1. The Corona Virus was “discovered” 65 days ago although it was patented a couple of years ago. In the USA 1312 deaths reported with a population of 330,000,000 = .0000039758% death rate. Keep your immune system up and thoroughly wash your hands. Avoid the hysteria.

  2. Some sites are reporting about 36 deaths in the USA. Many are elderly that had already had underlying health issues. Once again the old adage, (follow the money) comes to mind. Who is it that benefits? All of these shut downs will have an immense negative economic impact. Old Joe Bidens melting brain needs all the help he can get to oust the orange man. Who knows? And let’s not forget Rahm Emanuels comment about “never let a good crisis good to waste.” Be aware people, be very aware.

  3. Media bashing is dangerous? They media has weaponized the story of a relatively benign illness (no where near numbers of H1N1) and has made hysterical idiots out of fearful people. They are complicit in the ruination of the financial underpinnings of individuals and possibly the country, all because they intend to control the political narrative no matter what the cost. People need to get pull their heads out of their butts, wipe them off with all the toilet paper they’re hoarding, and get back to being reasonable, thinking, human beings. Viral illness runs it’s course. Stay home when you’re sick. Wash your hands. Take reasonable precautions. Continue to live your lives. What kind of a life do you have living in fear of the corona virus?

    1. What the media has done is the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. The media should suffer the consequences of having done this.

  4. CANNOT believe you’re buying into ALL the “leftist” hype! ASK yourself HOW many people die EACH year from
    Car Wrecks
    Common flu
    Falling down stairs
    Self inflicted wounds
    Old Stanky, gave some good numbers, and yes, the elderly are at risk, as they are for falls, heart disease, etc. The media has BEAT this to death since the Democrats pretty much have Biden as THEIR next nominee so they HAVE NO NEWS to report, so my advice is:

    BUY STOCKS, Look at the dividend ratios, P/E ratios and Market Cap. and it’s WAY better then a CD on even the crappiest stocks!
    Secondly, personal hygiene should be practiced ALL the time, not just during some minor outbreak.
    Look at the NUMBERS for the 1918 Influenza outbreak or the plague in the middle ages, they were MUCH worse!
    And yeah, IF you’re sick, STAY HOME.
    OH , and WARM weather is coming, which should END the hysteria..
    You basically have a BETTER chance of getting hit by lightning then dying of Corona 19

  5. Significantly more people have died this year due to influenza….this is what we all were to get shots last fall to protect us. More than 2000 deaths have been attributed so far due to the influenza virus this year. Covid 19 — 39 deaths. Media bashing….well deserved. They are responsible for overblowing the situation. Their reports have partially added to the decline in the stock market. One wonders what true agenda exists in the media during an election year.

  6. Check out this video on the Corona Virus. It’s about 30 minutes but it notes how something like this was all “planned.’
    Information analysis at it’s best.

  7. Tom (a.k.a. WGLT employee)

    The media is selling fear. It has been proven time and time again most media outlets put out whatever they think will draw the most attention. Research and facts at no longer a part of the media process. Opinion has become the norm.

    I call out WGLT specifically because their output for the past many years has become nothing but far left support and Uppity Town praise. There are no unbiased stories coming out of WGLT.

    When the community is so divided on issues common sense would dictate there is another side to the story. WGLT has chosen to tell only one side. If WGLT would report both sides there would be less bashing.

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