County Response to Illinois People’s Action

By:  Diane Benjamin

Some think they can bully government into submission, IPA is one of them.  Jenn Carrillo is of course involved.

You can see IPA’s demands here:  Summary: Give their people your money

They also want prisoners released.  This morning the Sheriff’s Office issued this statement in response:

The McLean County Sheriff’s Office has been busy for the past two weeks preparing and planning for the possibility of a covid-19 outbreak in our county.  We have instituted several precautionary measures in our correctional facility and in fact was the first detention center in the state of Illinois to restrict visitation.  Countless hours have been spent in the past two weeks on meetings and conference calls, to include the White House Corona Virus Task Force, CDC, Illinois Department of Corrections, Illinois State Police, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the judges of the 11th Judicial Circuit as well as County Health Department and County Administration.  We have decided as I would think you would agree to listen to the recommendation of experts in their respective fields on how to handle this pandemic and will continue to do so.  

We are taking every precaution in our adult detention facility and on a daily basis re-evaluate the health and safety of our inmates.  At this time the only inmates that are at increased risk for contracting Covid-19 due to pre-existing medical conditions or age are in custody on serious violent felonies and would not even be considered for release.  To try to use this pandemic to further your already established agenda of no cash bail is frankly appalling.  In regards to evictions, anyone who knows the court system knows that an order of possession (eviction) is an order from a judge, much like a warrant , we do not ignore judges orders .  The 11th Judicial circuit has postponed many civil matters that should deal with your eviction concerns as well as an order issued by President Trump yesterday.  Keep in mind that by the time my deputies show up to evict someone they have gone on average 4 months without paying rent and have been served at least 3 notices to vacate the premises. So as you can see using the pandemic as an excuse for not paying rent is far-fetched.   The job of Sheriff is to protect all citizens rights in McLean County and that would include landlords who also have obligations.  In regards to Jail visitation and the cost, we are under contract with a company that does our visitation system, so our options are limited , but please keep in mind that there are sick and elderly in hospitals and nursing homes that are being denied visitors and do not have the video capabilities that our inmates have , so if we are going to show compassion, lets show it to our most vulnerable population.

As stated before we have and will continue to listen to professionals in our respective fields and follow their best practices and advice.  We have seen nothing but excellent cooperation and planning on a local, state and federal level and to suggest otherwise shows a lack of knowledge and homework. 


14 thoughts on “County Response to Illinois People’s Action

  1. Illinois People’s Action has been the primary organization responsible for the far left assault on this region. It is a front organization for Socialist International and also gets support from Communist Party USA both based from Chicago. Don Carlson is the hide in the weeds snake that runs the local IPA but uses front people to do his dirty work. Crabill, Richards, Carrillo and other notable leftists are active members as well as a significant amount of clergy from all denominations that participate in the name of social justice. Any person that supports or actively participates in any of the IPA’s activities cannot be trusted. They are all enemies of representative democracy.

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  2. IPA is terrified this corona virus will unite the American people. They will try to cause division as much as humanly possible. IPA is a evil organization and is proof many churches have been infiltrated by demonic forces.

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  3. I might also add that former Bloomington council member Karen Schmidt is an active member It is likely Mayor Renner is also but has only allowed himself to be photographed in group photos for a handful of IPA events.

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  4. It’s a really great thing our Sheriff isn’t going to be bullied by the likes of the IPA. Personally makes me feel safer in these uncertain time.

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    1. Yes, Angela, it bolstered my confidence as well. IPA was spoken to just like what they are, a bunch of noisy little Socialist tools who don’t have a clue as to what the reality of any situation actually is..

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  5. Bottom line. There is a REASON these folks are in JAIL, as they broke the law, got caught and are NOW locked up, so to give them ANY “special needs” is beyond our civic duties! As for Jenn and her “causes” maybe she can find a BETTER state to live in then Illinois, since she seems to NOT like it here. I’ll throw in the FIRST $50 for bus fare! Anyone wanna ante up or match me?? The farther the better.


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