Bill Brady: RESIGN

By:  Diane Benjamin

Strike one against Bill Brady was his failure to disclose financial interests in the gaming industry while writing laws to regulate them.  If Illinois had prosecutors . . . . .

A US Bankruptcy Court in Springfield ruled yesterday against Robert Brady pertaining to his bankruptcy.  That Brady is not allowed to discharge a $1,000,000 debt to Dr. Pliura from 2010.  The judge ruled that Bill, Robert, and Edward deceived Pliura when asking to borrow the money.

See the story here:


Brady 1


Read the rest for more details.

Bill Brady has proven himself to be a con man.  Strike Two Bill.  Walk away before strike three.

The IL GOP should be very proud their Senate minority leader has a history of deceiving people.  (Voters too)

I wonder if Dr. Pliura can now sue Bill based on that ruling?  🙂



5 thoughts on “Bill Brady: RESIGN

  1. So disappointing that a person who represents the public would conduct himself in this manner and continue on as if he has done nothing wrong. The problem is we as voters know this, but keep voting the same people back into office.

    Is this the best we can do?

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  2. Looking forward to Bill Brady hopefully being sued by Dr. Pliura. I guess those three thought they were so powerful and untouchable that they would not be held accountable. So glad the judge saw right through their deceit.

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  3. Anyone reading the article from the Illinois Times will be left feeling disgusted. Those three had no intention of repaying that money. They were deliberately taking advantage of Dr. Pliura. I hope he finds a very skilled and ambitious attorney to deal with these three.

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