BEC’s version of what happened with the bounced checks

By:  Diane Benjamin

The below was sent to the election judges yesterday by the Bloomington Election Commission.  See the original story:

Note how nothing is ever government’s fault, in this case it’s the bank’s fault.  Yes folks, banks accidentally bounce checks all the time.








7 thoughts on “BEC’s version of what happened with the bounced checks

  1. Throw the bank under the bus, huh? Two things come to mind from this letter.
    1.) Government is telling the public that PNC Bank can’t keep track of money. It would then be gross negligence if they don’t switch banks immediately.
    2.) I rent property and have heard all kinds of stories for bounced checks. Never has it actually been the banks fault for writing the check.

  2. So typical of democrats. It is always somebody else’s fault. I do not believe them for one minute. Are they under FOIA rules (the BEC)? If so, a FOIA of their bank account and charges would reveal the truth one would hope. There would be a lot of bad check/over draft fees. It is fairly obvious they are in damage control mode.

  3. Its just amazing how a small election commission is a city of 60,000 people has an Executive Director, AND an Assistant Executive Director. Government waste at its finest. This is how they justify giving more of your tax money in raises..give them a new title!

  4. I’ve banked at NATIONAL BANK, later First of America, then Banc Midwest, then Nat City, NOW PNC, since I was 9 years old, as a paperboy we had to write checks to the Pantagraph to pay OUR bill! Never in all my years have I had a “problem” with ANY of the named banks bouncing checks because there was money IN THE ACCOUNT! On the other hand they WILL bounce it like a SUPERBALL if YOU don’t have proper funds. Once again, NO FREE STUFF! Especially money at a bank!
    WHO these folks jiving??

  5. I run multi-million dollar companies, and have actually run a local government or two. This reads like a positive pay problem, which would in fact be a bank problem IF the AP or PR team @ BOE properly presented the positive pay remittance.

    What strikes me is this line:

    “If people want to know the truth, they are more than welcome to actually call…”

    Here’s the thing, the reality is checks bounced. Additionally, the facts of the situation are that checks bounced. That is the payee’s reality. How unprofessional to cast asperion on those whom you’ve harmed. While the harm is temporary, who speaks to someone they’ve wrong in this manner?

    Those “people”…sheesh.

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