Bloomington: Elites party, roads rot

By:  Diane Benjamin

Found in the latest FOIA request from the City of Bloomington:

event lincoln

What is it?

This event has been postponed because of the lock-down.  It looks like Gov. Pritzker will attend when it is rescheduled.  This event looks like a party for elites.  It honors people who have lived in Illinois at some point in their life.

Since the email states Bloomington bought a sponsorship, the 8 tickets likely either cost $5,000 or $2,500.

licoln accademy

Contrast the above with the email sent by a citizen below.  The writer doesn’t know the City only spends motor fuel tax on roads now.  If other taxes funded roads there wouldn’t be money for parties, entertainment, and employee perks.

Maybe more than 10% of registered voters should actually vote?





7 thoughts on “Bloomington: Elites party, roads rot

  1. Maybe in my simple mind, I am OVER-simplifying, but keeping people happy in terms of spending tax money is really pretty simple. 1. Keep the roads in good condition. 2. Keep the water healthy to drink. 3. Provide professional and timely public safety response (police/fire/public works/etc.)

    Obviously, I know it’s more complicated than that to run/manage a city, but at its core — do those things REALLY WELL and if there is money left over, spend it in a way that benefits as many people as possible within the community.

    What am I missing?

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      1. If I was to ever run for office, I think that would honestly be my campaign strategy…”I’ll help keep the roads in good condition. I’ll keep your water safe. I’ll make sure public safety is a priority. Other than that…I can’t commit to anything else, but I’ll fight like hell to do those three things really well.”

        I highly doubt I’ll win — especially in this community. 😦


  2. Maxima, if that is your platform and you want to run, I would help you. We need many more people with your simplistic platform in all levels of government. Doesn’t matter to me if you are in Bloomington, Normal, Towanda or wherever. Just don’t compete against an incumbent who’s voting record is in line with your platform. If they are aligned, talk with them. They may want to term limit themselves out and may mentor and endorse you as their replacement. My number is 309-242–2495.

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    1. Stan – I appreciate that, and your offer. I will most definitely take that into consideration. Holding a public office and giving back to my community has always been something I’m interested in doing, so will put some more serious thought into it. If I decide to do, I will absolutely take you up on your offer to help mentor/guide me through the process.

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      1. Someone has to do it. I would but I am too old and too ill-tempered for public office. But I will support you and Stan if you have the brains and the guts and are ready to fight like Muhamed Ali.

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