Your Really Classy County Board Member

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

From the Facebook page of District 8 County Board Member Shayna Watchinski:


This is who District 8 really elected, not the girl who pretended to be caring.

If you don’t want to be deceived again, don’t vote democrat.  


15 thoughts on “Your Really Classy County Board Member

    1. I don’t know what to say if you don’t see her point here.

      Personal note:

      I don’t like anyone telling me what I can do and where I can go, especially when the chances of me contracting the Chinese Communist Party Virus in McLean County is lower than me being consumed whole by an anaconda in Eastland Mall. I am especially tired of fear mongering liberal Democrats continually telling me how afraid I should be.

      This post is an abomination and should be called out. Good Job Diane!

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  1. The lack of professionalism combined with vulgarity is a sure sign that a liberal Democrat is at work. Who posts crap like this? This is something you would expect from your idiot neighbor or that crazy aunt who always insists on hugging you for 5 minutes at the family reunion.

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  2. The picture appears to include Michelangelo’s David statue with the mask on. Yes, even Michelangelo’s revered statue of David is not exempt from being used as a cheap prop for this Democrat’s BS.

    The question is: Do you think she knows that the statue is Michelangelo’s David? I would bet she doesn’t….

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  3. I have mixed feelings here — On one hand, when someone decides to enter into a public office, their brand, image, and character is made public, regardless if it’s a private Facebook page or an official political page. This is a reality that people need to know about before they get into politics. We certainly want to respect the privacy of those who enter into political office, but they have to recognize their entire character will be scrutinized — both personal and professional. The use of profanity is not something our society recognizes as a respectful, mature use of the English language when acting as a constituent, or representative of the people they serve. And for that reason, she should have used better judgment. On the other hand, I’m equally fine with people expressing themselves and leveraging 1st amendment constitutional rights. That being said, I hold political leaders to a higher degree of maturity when it comes to how they express those feelings/thoughts.

    At the end of the day…people in District 8 should use their voting power to communicate whether they agree or disagree with this type of expression of this board member.

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    1. She had many vulgar posts until she decided to run. She cleaned it all up and pretended to be something different. A lady running right now for County Board did the same thing. She doesn’t know I have screen shots of her “before” persona.


      1. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, and EVERYONE has made comments they wish they didn’t make (via social media or otherwise). I have far more respect for individuals who acknowledge that, are transparent about it, and just admit to making a mistake or admitting that they shouldn’t have said what they did. Obviously, it depends on the comment made, but I think MOST people would think to themselves…”yeah, I’ve made comments I don’t agree with as well..I’m willing to give them some grace for being honest about it.”

        Who would have thought….characteristics like honesty, transparency, integrity — Displayed by our political leaders…what a novel idea!

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  4. If she is a nurse, I might consider giving her a pass IF:
    1) The picture was taken in an obvious hospital setting.
    2) The sign said, “If your qualified your bleeping time has come to help in the fight against chinese flu
    if not please stay the bleep home”
    I don’t know if she would get the pass but at least she would being doing something positive to protect those she represents. But instead we get what we got which I know definitely would NOT get a pass.

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  5. She’s connected with all the lesbians that just ran for office in which some lost and some won. She’s tied into Val Laymon who’s a former lover of a local county employee. EVERYONE has those skeletons that the so desperately try to keep hidden.


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