Bloomington 4-13-2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

PDF pages 47 – 58 show tons of REFUNDS.  Most aren’t large but added together are likely pretty big.  If someone wants to total them, let me know.  Most are from the Ice Center and Parks and Rec.

More Pension Spiking:

slbb 4-13-20

Since MLK’s vision of America is now immaterial, why does the City waste money:

mlk 4-13-2020

On the Agenda:

This statement is included with all the spending, I wonder what 2 aldermen this is directed to?  🙂


The only guy on the Connect Transit Board who didn’t play along, John Bowman, is being replaced by Tari.  From Normal, John Thomas hasn’t been on the Board for a long time.  Is this Bloomington trying not to remind citizens Normal STILL has an empty seat?  Chris Koos can’t find “the right fit” candidate.

need revisions 4-13-2020

Sometimes you just have to laugh:

just funny - 4-13-2020

See the documentation for this one on PDF page 29.  Supposedly employees won’t have to drive around town to read your meter anymore.  So how many employees can be cut when this system is fully implemented?

meter 4-13-2020

Hasn’t the City been replacing meters for years?  I hope somebody pulls this one.

limited source 4-13-2020

There are many more items on the Consent Agenda.  Those you can read yourself.

The only thing on the regular agenda is a modification to the emergency ordinance allowing more establishments to sell curb-side liquor.


5 thoughts on “Bloomington 4-13-2020

  1. Curb side liquor? It’s about as stupid as allowing alcoholic beverages in movie theaters.
    No, I don’t have an I.D for that. How about an extra $10 tip since no one is looking? It’s just you and me.

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  2. Mike McCurdy has been on the Connect Transit Board since 2012. He still cannot understand that losing almost 800,000 a month of taxpayer money is OK. Time to wake up to his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers or get off the board. We don’t need any more like him.

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  3. The City of Bloomington, IL replaced my outside manual read water meter to one that could be read remotely in 2011.The new meter apparently has an automatic annual multiplier component as rates go up much faster than inflation.

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  4. The Connect Transit Board membership, as designed, can only be comprised of bobbleheads. The amount of waste, mismanagement, and illogical decision making would be questioned by any rational human being thinking reasonably. To keep the charade going, Koos and Renner can only appoint people that go along and do not ask questions or challenge the status quo. Conscious objectors would be attacked and/or would resign. Wonder if Koos is having a hard time filling the position because of the growing dissatisfaction with CT from various constituencies across multiple political persuasions. I’d imagine that none of the candidates, as presented, have agreed to kiss the ring. There’s simply no “right fit” in Koos’ eyes.

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