Question for the Local Socialists:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Did you file for unemployment?

How much are you receiving?

Case in point:  I know a person who works part time and was approved for $90 a week.   Because of the DC bills that will bankrupt the country, that person is getting $90 a week plus $600.

That’s more than this person makes working!

How many of you are now earning more than you did working?

I’m waiting . . . . .



7 thoughts on “Question for the Local Socialists:

  1. I heard about this on NPR today. They said that the stimulus package was set to provide. A full paycheck to people and the current unemployment computer systems are not set up to do that and would require an upgrade to their programming and they didn’t have time for that so they set it up to automatically add $600 to everyone’s regular unemployment check because this is the only way they could figure out how to provide close to a full paycheck which means some people are getting more than they normally make

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  2. This issue was identified before the latest stimulus was approved by Congress. Lindsey Graham called it out and tried to fix it, but couldn’t get it done. I think it’s a BIG problem. How can we expect to get people back to work when they can make up to $50,000 a year by not working? Even though the extra $600 is only supposed to be for 4 months (not 100% sure about that) I fully expect the government to significantly extend the duration for unemployment benefits. What a mess!

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