Governor Hypocrisy

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m only printing this story because other local media hasn’t.

Governor “All-In Illinois” Pritzker wants you locked in your house, his wife and daughter are in Florida at the family’s $12 million equestrian estate.


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8 thoughts on “Governor Hypocrisy

  1. Pritzker was asked about this in his daily press conference Wednesday 4/29.
    He stated that it was reprehensible this question was asked. He then refused to answer. So if there was any question as to the event occurring he took care of that. If it hadn’t occursd he would have immediately denied and then said the question was reprehensible.
    While people in Illinois were limited in how many could attend a funeral, Pritzker’s wife was ignoring the stay at home order. Just one of many sacrifices citizens have made while he can not even claim his family has done the same.
    A video of the press conference is here:

    Go to 37:57 to hear his evasion of the topic.

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  2. Arrogance should be countered by non-compliance. Let them try to arrest you. I take the Florida estate still has toilets? I don’t even listen to Covid updates anymore. All of it has been rendered meaningless. Pritzker, Newsom and Cuomo just presidential wannabes.

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  3. Thank you for sending this out to everyone. JB was asked about this yesterday at the press conference and he said it used to be families were off limits. I will not answer the question about where my family is.


    Keep up the great work!

    Melissa Kwit

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  4. Although I left the B/N area years ago after college–Military service and then-where-ever the employment took me, I still have strong emotional and sentimental ties to Illinois and the B/N area. I “view with interest” the local iterations and the state’s continued intrigue. The article mentioned the ” equestrian estate” which implies the Ocala area I assume. Thank you for the insightful, clearly worded commentary and having the backbone to buck the establishment and continue to present the view of the “loyal opposition”. It is appreciated.

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