Did Jenn incite violence?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington and Normal are preparing for another night of violence.  I know Decatur is busy boarding up their downtown.  Social media claims Walmart in Pontiac was looted today.

Jenn posted pretty much the same message on her Facebook page today as on this video, but you need to HEAR her say those words.  On Facebook she blamed Jim Crow, she likely doesn’t know that was Democrats.

I gave up trying to cut the video, this was filmed by Sonny Garcia.  I believe the below happened after the NAACP rally.  Start watching at 44:20, the video is cued to start there.

Before Jenn a lady wearing a BLM shirt was upset she wasn’t allowed to speak.  She eventually spoke only because the crowd yelled “Let her speak”.  Jenn followed.

Jenn refuses to condemn the criminals across the country looting and burning.  If she won’t condemn them doesn’t that mean she supports them?  Is that why she wants the police abolished?  The tone of her speech could well have encouraged the violence.

9 thoughts on “Did Jenn incite violence?

  1. She clearly says she is not going to condemn the violence and looting. Bloomington please. Come to your senses and demand she resign. She has no business being an elected official. If you live in her district and don’t agree with her position she is biased towards you and you are allowing her to represent you? Seriously! Jenn needs to go!

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  2. She’s poorly informed for an elected official. She was demanding defunding of the jail and police department, followed by her standard chant, “No Justice, No Peace.” Listen to the tone of her voice. (angry brown woman) She is not an activist but rather an agitator interested in the destruction of America…

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  3. I fully support any and all protest and anger about the murder in MN. But those folks should look around and judge the ones around them and stand back from the fake. The too long belated putdown of those taking advantage is coming, it will be epic and the violence something not seen in this country in some time. Uncle Sugar has some very well trained folks who aren’t led by Koos, Renner. Pritzker or Lightfoot. Jenn, Crabill and the like have the opportunity to say the words to attempt to prevent that locally. If they don’t it will be substantially on their hands.

    We are watching. “All enemies foreign and domestic” was the oath. In the next few days you will see who promotes change and who is an enemy of the republic and part of the choreographed and well funded political chaos.

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  4. Warrants should be issued for the arrests of Jennifer Carrillo, Jeff Crabill and Sonny Garcia. There are probably more to be added to.this list in the near future.

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  5. Of course her words incite violence however in public she’s not yet that brazen to proclaim so to accept “credit.”


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