Update: Brewery: From the possible owner

The Town does not own the building.  PIN #14-22-327-028.  County records state it is owned by Rob and Connie Morger.

The Town does own the green space behind the building.  At the last Town Council meeting it was stated staff has invested lots of time in this project.  Why?  They don’t own it.  One more problem, a future tenants of this building may decide to do a bar if this is approved.  Nothing will stop that person.

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was contacted after the earlier story by the person potentially developing the brewery.  I agreed to keep the identity confidential.

First story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/06/19/a-brewery-in-a-park/

Facts developer provided, this is intentionally written to not reveal anything about the developer.  If it reads a little stiff, that is why:

  • Zero distribution is planned
  • It would be a nano brewery
  • Sales would be on-site only
  • The business probably wouldn’t be open every day
  • During the day when open it would retail coffee and pastries
  • Trucks would only deliver once a week and ship out spent material once a week
  • Claims this a family plan
  • Developer compared the project to Gill Street – without poker machines or smoking
  • Things to occupy kids would be in the green space behind the building within sight of the parents
  • The building currently does not have water.  Town may offer TIF funds to cover the cost, the developer doesn’t see the project as feasible without Town assistance.
  • Claims other area buildings are also complaining about the water because infrastructure goes back to WW1
  • Claims the Town steered him to this location but other locations are also being looked at
  • Claims this will not be a bar
  • Developer would be leasing the property
  • The Town of Normal owns the property, developer wanted to buy it – Town refused to sell
  • Claimed discussions took place with area locations, Baby Fold is on board

The One Normal Plaza TIF had ZERO dollars at 3/31/2019.  That year it only earned a little over $19,000 – not nearly enough to make water improvements.  We won’t know 3/31/2020 balance for many months yet:  https://files.illinoiscomptroller.gov/LocGovTIF/FY2019/06409531/19TIF06409531One_Normal_Place_1.pdf



15 thoughts on “Update: Brewery: From the possible owner

  1. Don’t we know the Developer is Bob Broad? I mean isn’t that what was explained at Normal Town Council? Am I missing something?


  2. Also it isn’t feasible with assistance from TAXPAYERS (the town doesn’t have a tree where money grows) then it isn’t feasible and the developer should find something else. And why in God’s name does this developer want to lease a property from the Town of Normal…and why doesn’t the town of Normal want to sell it so they can make money on it? Is Chris Koos saving it for Julie Hile and Bob Broad to purchase?


      1. So if the town does not own it, why are they playing real-estate agent for the Morger’s? Steering the developer this way? Are they helping all property owner’s to lease or sale their property? None of this makes sense. None of it.

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  3. You would think there is enough wide-open space over by GE or at the mall where you could have semi trucks or other types of trucks coming out that they would be willing to work with on getting over there.

    It would be interesting to compare the B-N brewing capabilities versus other towns the same size, from Destihl to Keg Grove to Lil’ Beavers to White Oak and now with Fiala Bros. and others.

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  4. Always good to check what is allowed within any given zoning district. This project is requiring a change in zoning designation. Different types of businesses currently not allowed could be developed in the future. It’s so important for residents to be informed of the process.

    It seems all of the upfront investment will be from tax dollars. Those types of deals never have a decent financial return.

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  5. Another behind the curtain deal with some obviously connected elite who has enough clout to keep their identity hidden. Is this a Koos or Pam brokered deal? The fact all taxpayers will be forced to pay millions to upgrade the water, sewer and roads because of this change should have been disclosed upfront.

    Pam, Koos and his council minions get so offended when Nord questions their motives. This crap just highlights the corruption and lack of concern by our so-called representatives.

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  6. Julie Hile and Bob Broad are behind this. Julie gets paid by local municipalities for transportation studies. She is as connected and corrupt as the day is long. She is also on the Connect Transit board and votes to ensue her company gets more gvt work. She was the only person who spoke positively about having the bar at the last zoning board hearing. Her office is on site and she said she wants a place to unwind after work to have “libations”. I bet money the brewery owner is somehow connected to the Hile-Brods.


    1. I understand Judy Hile and Bob Broad are involved as well. This is one of two issues I am Iooking into regarding possible ethics violations and/or illegal activities involving the couple. Stay tuned.


  7. Pretty stupid to squeeze a brewery (nano, whatever) next to a playground and children’s play areas. Just goes against COMMON sense. Par for the course.
    Another thing is our parking lot right there. Are the supreme leaders going to sell it to them or let them scam us for $1.00 per year rent?


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