Press Release: Voting by mail and not mailing a ballot

See the entire Press Release here:

In case you don’t trust the Post Office to actually deliver your ballot:


Click on the link above to see those locations.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Voting by mail and not mailing a ballot

  1. I can’t even get the post office to send me a regular post person. My mail doesn’t come sometimes till 7 o’clock at night and it ends up somewhere else when I get packages delivered you think I trust the post office not a chance in hell.

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  2. VOTE
    (Guns Save Life) – Don’t let the mainstream media or partisan local officials scare you away from polling places by fear mongering about COVID-19! By casting your ballot in person, you can put it into the tabulating machine yourself, minimizing opportunities for vote fraud by ethically challenged election “officials” and postal workers.

    Once more, vote in person and we’ll tell you why: It is safer and virtually guarantees YOUR vote will be counted (and tallied for the people you voted for!)

    Many of us have watched videos online that show party affiliation marked on the outside of mail-in ballot envelopes. Remember, before you mail that mail-in ballot, the Postal Workers union voted to endorse Joe Biden. While most postal staff are honest and ethical, there’s always a chance for mischief, especially in these hyper-partisan times.

    And even if the envelope makes it to the local county clerk’s office, a disreputable partisan staffer there could swap your ballot for one filled out by someone with another political outlook. Or some faceless bureaucrat political activist might “accidentally” drop your ballot into the industrial shredder next to the desk. By mistake, of course.

    Instead of trusting several layers of people, vote in person. Put that ballot into the tabulating machine yourself. It’s your chance to push back against the mayhem and chaos in our streets. In fact, the ballot box is about the last place for everyday Americans to enact change before resorting to the cartridge box.

    Vote early. Early voting starts Sept. 24th.

    Another benefit to early voting: if you get hit by a bus between when you vote and election day, your ballot will still count!

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