Wall Street Journal Opinion on Illinois

By: Diane Benjamin

I wish the Wall Street Journal allowed people to read their opinions without paying, but they don’t. What they posted is enough to see where they are going however:


That is pretty much all you can read without a subscription. Obviously the point is:

The Progressive Tax is a terrible idea!


Aren’t you glad I don’t charge?


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4 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Opinion on Illinois

  1. I saw this article, and it don’t have much of ANYTHING good to say about Illinois and it’s “progressive tax” That name in itself should send up an alarm, especially when DEMOCRATS say PROGRESSIVE!!
    Which in Republican lingo means we “screw you” ! And THEN screw you even more!!
    Does ANYONE think that ole JB is going to pay more tax? Really, IF you’re that STUPID you should be taxed at 75% until you come out of your “happy coma”..

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