Bloomington Monday 10/12/20

By: Diane Benjamin

I hope Jenn Carrillo isn’t too upset the Council is meeting on COLUMBUS DAY.

Agenda – pretty light:

We get to hear a rousing report adopting the International Building Codes. Hopefully it will be a shortened version of the last Committee of the Whole where it was first presented.


While Illinois is crying for money to fund their unbalanced budget AND wanting you to vote to raise your own taxes – Illinois wants to give Bloomington a grant for more trails.

Since this is for the Police Department, let’s see what aldermen vote against it:


Your money keeps getting shoveled to Connect Transit. Now the City is even advertising on buses:

Politicians are claiming during this election season we need to spend more on Mental Health. Your sales tax was already raised supposedly to fund mental health. The first payment is on Monday’s bills and payroll. The next 2 are from previous months. Ask them how much is enough?

7 thoughts on “Bloomington Monday 10/12/20

  1. This promises to be entertaining. Can’t what to see what childish antics Jenn pulls at the meeting with Columbus Day. I suspect she’ll want some concessions for the additional law enforcement resources like an oversight committee to monitor the evidence process or a diversity hire. She and Crabs will huff and puff, but won’t get any concessions, and it will ultimately pass. The City advertising on Connect Transit is merely backdoor funding for a quasi-government group that is extremely unpopular with taxpayers, under fire, grotesquely mismanaged, and constantly in need of (taxpayer) cash to stay afloat.

  2. In a way expanding mental health a good thing.the council and king tari need a healthy dose of mental health care!

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