Pritzker lost yesterday, today nothing changes

Maybe in a year or two the case of Darren Bailey against Governor dictator Pritzker will get to a court Chubby has to believe.

Pritzker lost yesterday in Circuit Court in Springfield. The Clay County case which ruled Printzker’s executive orders illegal stands.

See this Edgar County Watchdogs story for details:

Meanwhile Bailey’s attorney, Tom Devore, has a message for businesses:

16 thoughts on “Pritzker lost yesterday, today nothing changes

  1. Why he is not being arrested for contempt, I do not know. Definitely going to ask Darren Thursday at the Rally. Darren is a gift.

  2. I kind of like the ole JB wearing a mask, but it REALLY don’t do any good as for preventing or dropping down the numbers. IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL CITIZENS, and the “demonrats” will follow the lemming over the cliff on this one. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning while holding a freshly fallen meteorite then dying of covid..
    I’m TRYING to wrap my head around WHO is worse or more stupid, koos or pritzker? It’s a 50/50

  3. Koos is more stupid cause he ain’t in the billionaires club and NEVER will be and just,,,doesn’t,,,get it.

  4. Koos is backing up Pritzker with $750 fines for those who don’t obey Koos’ order to comply with JB’s dictates. Mayor bike shop has the police authority to enforce this and has already issued fines. Koos and Company are a part of the Pritzker stranglehold on citizens and business. Remember this come election time this April.

  5. Well it’s nice that you and your readers can live in a fictional universe of your own making. Over 9,227 people and counting have died in the state of Illinois of Coronavirus. We are in the middle of a second surge of this pandemic where hospitals ICU’s are starting to be overwhelmed and the death count will be following those hospitalizations. Far be it that a governor or mayor enact public health measures to stop the spread of a deadly virus. Apparently none of you have had a loved one pass away from this virus. If that was so, you would not be on here posting uninformed nonsense about a virus that has a high mortality rate and a pandemic that is far from over.

      1. How dictators are made? Pritzker was duly elected governor and is using his executive powers to keep people safe from a deadly virus. Scare people? So according to you stating the death totals is somehow “scaring people”? So you actually want to be purposely ignorant about a deadly virus? Law are immaterial? You got to be kidding. Today this state saw 69 more deaths from COV-19. This aren’t imaginary totals but totals that alarmingly are rising as a second wave hits this state. Again, living in an fictional universe is fine until you get smacked upside the head with reality, No one is immune from this virus if you think so, you’re a fool.

        1. Follow along! Law says his executive orders last 30 days. After that the legislature has to pass rules. Remember those people that represent us? Obviously pritzker’s ideas aren’t working, he just likes hearing himself speak.

      2. “Pritzker was duly elected” and so were Hitler and Stalin. Obviously Pritzger’s Destroy Illinois plan hasn’t caused nearly as much death and destruction, but ‘duly elected’ becomes irrelevant at some point as tyrants ramp up their abuses of power.
        Yes, the virus is real, and yes, there have been notable deaths, but the reporting of it has been designed more to promote hysteria rather than inform people, and the government response has at best been designed to protect politicians rather than people. As the government mis-management of the situation continues, the ‘less generous’ theories of why become more believable.

  6. HEY A ROY – No I haven’t had a loved one pass away from the corona balona but I do know three people who were never tested for covid and all of them got letters in the mail stating that they tested positive for covid. Perhaps you can explain how that happens. And btw that is a true story.

  7. I am not obese, insulin resistant, and my diet is low, low sugar and grains.
    Roy, if you and your friends are not healthy, you too, might die of most any virus!
    Do the research, A Roy!!
    When you learn about things, you will discard your mask and stop being afraid to live.

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