Marc Tiritilli is officially in!


November 16, 2020  

Marc Tiritilli to run for Mayor of Normal  

Normal—Marc Tiritilli is pleased to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Normal in the election on April 6, 2021. He has submitted the required candidate filings and is eagerly moving on to the heart of the campaign. Tiritilli said he is basing his policies on giving Normal’s government better priorities. Those include better roads, smarter growth, and lower taxes.  

“The Town is over $84 million in debt. Normal’s locally-imposed sales tax is among the highest in Illinois, yet we still have significant infrastructure needs that are not being addressed. There is enough revenue to reduce debt and focus on town-wide imperatives while still offering relief to the taxpayers. It’s a matter of having better priorities.”  

A graduate of Illinois State University, Tiritilli first moved to Normal in 1997 and now teaches physics at Illinois Wesleyan University. Follow his campaign on or  

Photo Credit: Joanna & Brett Photography  

For more information, contact Marc Tiritilli at 309-824-1304 or [email protected]  

Meanwhile, Chemberly Cummings is running again, if she can get enough signatures:

6 thoughts on “Marc Tiritilli is officially in!

  1. I can’t stop laughing over the Royal Fortresses’ cry of desperation. Where’s Erik Rankin and Nakitia Richards when you need them?


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