Chris Koos CAMPAIGNS during the council meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

Koos had already posted on his official Mayor’s Facebook page that if re-elected he wouldn’t take the wage increase he talked the council into passing. That alone is campaigning on public property, but he did it again at the meeting last night.

He got the date wrong – his wage increase was passed in December of 2018:

He claimed last night it was a year or so ago.

Koos admitted the amount won’t make much difference, he looks petty for pretending he’s magnanimous for not taking what he doesn’t have now.

If you think this isn’t campaigning, imagine Koos’s opponent Marc Tiritilli calling into Public Comment and saying he won’t take the raise if elected. Obviously Marc would be campaigning, obviously Koos is too.

Watch Desperado here:

5 thoughts on “Chris Koos CAMPAIGNS during the council meeting

  1. This is absolutely using taxpayer resources to campaign. Since it was corrupt Koos making the statement his corrupt cohorts at the town will not do anything. This is just another example of the rules not applying to Koos and his band of elite friends

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