Update: Bloomington: Failure to plan

A reader emailed me about sidewalks. The bigger these trees get the more destruction they will cause!

By: Diane Benjamin

In my quest to never cross Veterans Parkway unless there is no other choice, I frequently drive on Airport Road and then turn west on College. I have been driving the same route for many years.

In an effect at beautification Bloomington planted small trees along College when Eagle Ridge subdivision was developed in the late 80’s and 90’s.

They failed to take into account two things:

  • Trees grow
  • Power lines

I remember seeing those short trees and wondered who had the brilliant idea to plant them under power lines. Of course whoever had that idea just might be retired by now living in Florida, so they don’t have to see the result of that decision.

Recently I had somebody in the car with me that could take pics. Isn’t this a great looking tree?

Butchered trees are along much of East College.

I’m sure other people have noticed but maybe they didn’t realize government did this. Of course they used taxpayer money. More examples:

See now why government MUST be limited?

Government tends to make really bad decisions and never suffer the consequences for them.

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