Local Voting Equipment

By: Diane Benjamin

LOTS of people have asked me what voting equipment is used locally.

McLean County uses Dominion, the City of Bloomington uses ES&S.

See this document:

This document was sent to me by a friend, the source is the Illinois Board of Elections in Springfield.

19 thoughts on “Local Voting Equipment

  1. Dominion. That explains the last two mayorial elections in Normal. Marc Tiritilli lost by 11 votes. Before that VIc Connor was doing well as the first 3-4 precincts had him in the running as the last 2 precincts were slow to report. Why? Why the hold up? Then he got pummeled. Hmm let me think. Hmm, yeah ya think there was no election fraud? Can likely never prove it but I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute. It helps to explain the arrognance of Koos knowing that the Shitcago mob has got his back. Until of course his usefull idiot self is no longer useful.

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  2. I know that when I voted in Normal several years agp I thought I entered Romney and when I looked at the result it showed Obama, finally figured how to correct. Even the print out. This year I voted at arena and once again I thought I picked Trump and Biden was selected. Had to correct and checked again before transmitting. Doesn’t mean it was counted right if all those Federal agencies can be hacked how can we trust the voting machines for certainly the state and local security is even more hackable.

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  3. Tiritilli did not loose because of fraud. He lost because not enough people came out an voted for him. Only a small % of people vote in local elections but everyone complains about the local taxes and the roads. Well everyone but Dave Shields, Koos, Pam Reece and Kevin McCarthy anyway.

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  4. Yeah, ah, gee that’s too bad. Just lost by 11 votes as the champagne corks fly and the laughter begins. Hahaha quips the Koos crowd as the demonrats thank the Dominon crew for making this all possible. Hahaha the underlings will think that they almost made it. They’ll think if they,,,just talked,,,to a few more of their friends. If they just worked a little bit harder to get out the vote. Hahaha, yeah those fools just keep giving us the benefit of the doubt cause they’re all too nice. Hahahaha, hey pour me another glass and I’ll take another line please. Hahahahaha. Geesh can you believe what that Connor guy did last time? Ha, two in a row. Waiter! Get that bottle of bubbly over here! * My point is that after seeing the massive election fraud on this recent election of Trump, it’s who and how the votes are counted of which is the issue. Suspected many times and proven to be true that these electronic voting machines are EASILY manipulated, if you don’t think that stuff can happen here then I would challenge your conception of reality.

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    1. The evidence is overwhelming. Watched every hearing. Watched, listened to and read so much. The courts would not allow this evidence to be presented. Frightening times.


  5. What kind of nation do we live in when discussions and investigations to find the truth end abruptly when a few people yell –

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