Was Jenn beat up?

By: Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo posted a video on her official alderman Facebook page yesterday. While listening, all I could think of was what happened to her:

What happened to the left side of her face? She didn’t mention it during the video.

She talked about the violence in DC, guess she hasn’t heard ANTIFA infiltrated the crowd. Of course the media hasn’t bothered to report that. Find the voices of the people who were there and saw them if facts matter.

I wonder if Democrats still want the police defunded?

Are police okay to defend Congress, just not the rest of us?

She plans to “organize the hell out of” Bloomington. There was a shift yesterday Jenn, violence hands power to government. Exactly what the new administration wants.

She has no clue what fascism is. She claims she won’t tolerate it. Good. Oppression isn’t coming from trump supporters. It is a cute cover to use for your “organizing” though.





16 thoughts on “Was Jenn beat up?

  1. What does marijuana have to do with anything? I smoke every day, and I have never fallen because of it. Besides, the choices of someone else that have no impact on you aren’t really any of your business. So I ask again, what does marijuana have to do with anything that was typed out in Diane’s article?

    I swear some “conservatives” are just as authoritarian and nosy as they think liberals are.

  2. Hey if you want to bring up irrelevant points and let her live in your head more than she should, by all means go for it.

    I figure you have better things to worry about that what someone does on their own time that has nothing to do with you, but you do you.

  3. This is what happens if ya the take Soros money and don’t make the social changes in your area . They’ll be back next month , and the months after , and I hope for Jenns sake , there is a Welcoming City Ordinance on the books by then.

  4. Let her live in your head? Dude you’re really making a mountain out of a molehill. Focus man, focus. Take a deep breath. A couple of steps back. There. That should do it.

    1. For “authoritarian” see Big Tech, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, etc. But I know you and others like you are fine with that. Ignorant tweeb.

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