Our Moron Governor

As Pritzker’s edicts continue to destroy Illinois small businesses, this clown rushed to Twitter to post this:

If anyone is impeached, it should be Pritzker.

This man has mental problems if he thinks Congress can or should impeach Trump in two weeks.





39 thoughts on “Our Moron Governor

  1. I agree 100% that “Jelly Belly” should be impeached & possibly imprisoned!!He’s a MORON in the finest sense of the word!!! Ron

  2. He has done a superb job navigating us through this mess.

    It’s time for the far far right to come to grips with the fact your views do not represent the majority.

    You lost. Get over it

    1. Why is Florida totally open while Illinois is dying?

      I guess you don’t believe in laws. Justice is now immaterial thanks to people like you. If you believe Joe Biden will be president you are a moron. Kammy will replace him very quickly. If you believe a guy with dementia got more votes than Obama, you are worse than a moron.

    2. Tom, the leftist narrative may be the prevailing narrative but far from the whole truth. Your media only tells you what you want to hear.
      75,000,000 Republicans will not sit down and shut up while democrats destroy our states and our country.
      I would like to know specifically what your views are. Do they amount to – Not Trump?

  3. He’s just sucking up to Nancy. Wants to be the first on her list of state bailouts.
    Problem solved, no need to do the hard work of budget control.
    Close call JB but you can go back to the couch now.

  4. For 4 years now it’s been open season on police. Violence continues to escalate , mostly in liberal cities. Portland, still hasn’t gotten control of the”autonomous” zone. After what many believe to be a rigged election, violence erupts in Washington DC. Certainly a few right wingers involved, probably some antifa believers involved.

    But it took this before any democrat would condemn the violence. And now they have the audacity to blame it all on trump supporters. This is what they were waiting for all along. A way to shift the blame. And that’s what the msm will do. Jb should be the one impeached, along with cuomo and newsom.

  5. Shockingly, I agree with JB, Trump should be removed from office. Inciting a riot to impede the democratic process is treasonous.

  6. We disagree on this position. I’m happy to discuss it and promise not to break into your home to share my thoughts in your sanctuary. It’s time for a Republican gut check. It’s no longer the party of Lincoln. The fracture that is the far right has cleaved off and without a doubt attempted to toss aside our constitutional bedrock in a sad attempt to overthrow the government. It’s the one time I am grateful these fools left their masks behind, and I’m grateful for the house and senate records to identify the rest of the leadership enablers. It’s not a surprise is it? Trump, for all his self serving lying ways has been very clear on his intentions. His accusations and inflaming statements, nothing more than a reflection in the mirror. Emotionally, I think Trump should have been removed already. It’s more difficult to know if doing it now would help or hurt US interests. He and his allies have betrayed our country. For those finally seeing things for what they are, well it’s about time. What may have begun with good intentions has gone horribly wrong. The world is seeing it clearly, and it’s time for you to as well. Watching the proceedings last nigh left me astounded at the indignancy expressed after the siege. Real courage shows its voice before, not after such an event, and drives an intellectual discussion. We surely do have too many cowards in office, and perhaps the greatest contribution Trump has made is to reveal them and to place us all before a mirror. e pluribus unum: out of many, one. It’s time to learn, forgive, heal and move forward together. Lead by example and love your neighbor. Maybe today is a good day to do something to show it.

      1. Diane, I’ve admired your voice in the past, and respect your right to express your opinion. Understanding each other is the first step. If you must know, I voted for Trump the first time. But, fool me once. In business he would have been fired in the first two weeks, and if he was my child he would be banished to his room to think things over. I cannot say that I hope our children think his behavior is what they should aspire to. Sadly, neither party presented an exciting platform or candidate. For the first time in my life my vote was against, not for. Truly heartbreaking. Integrity and Character count and for progress to be made, in my opinion, the obstacles those first failures present must first be removed. I did vote for Joe, but only because the extremism that seems to have become the Republican party gave me no alternative. I vote for the future of my country first, and make the most meaningful choices I can. There will be much good that comes of this, though probably not in the heat of the moment.

      2. Perhaps we can agree that Pritzker should go, and take the Madigan corruption with him. Illinois deserves better

      3. And you refuse to post other people’s views. Only people who agree with you 100 and 50 percent, no deviation acceptable. And it seems to be the exact same people over and over. Must be nice to live in a silo echo chamber of your own making. Evidently an entire world out there that doesn’t exactly agree with you is of no consequence.

    1. To goodbye Illinois,
      As you said, what started with good intentions, ended badly. There are many people to blame for all of what just happened and it wasn’t just Trump and his allies.

      Could Trump have stopped it? I don’t think so. 75,000,000 and more people are sick and tired of what the democrats have been doing for the past 4 years. They have been pretty much patient and quiet while they’ve watch intense hatred for Trump’s supporters and his election lead to fraudulent claims of collusion with Russia, a lawless impeachment and then the leftist’s torching of cities, murdering police while calling on them to be de-fund, violent riots and their rioters getting arrested and bailed out by democrat leaders, seeing Marxism (BLM organization) and even Communism (ANTIFA) raise their ugly heads in our country while democrats implicitly agreed with them. Watching democrat leaders lock down the population while they themselves eat, drink and be party.

      Finally seeing an election potentially stolen was the last straw. Trump or not, it was not going to end well and the end finally came.

      To now be disgusted about Trump and his supports is disingenuous at best and will certainly not solve the real problems in our country. The grand total of what the democrats did and attempted to do in the last 4 years (which was massively corrupt) has to be addressed. One of the sad things about yesterday is that now the democrats will boldly blame it all on republicans who will likely duck back into their shells and hope it all goes away.

  7. To Goodbye Illinois.

    You are mentally ill. I suggest you check yourself in to a hospital immediately. You cannot name ONE thing this president did while in office that personally affected your life or liberty. Because it didn’t happen. Watch this column from your hospital bed. Obama/Biden/Pelosi will shove legislation through Congress that WILL affect your life and liberty, personally. You heard it here from me. Bet the farm on it.

    1. 100% agree Stan, these people are so dumbed down with the constant stream of lies that they are fed they have no concept of what could happen with a Harris presidency, a Dem congress and a Harris controlled Senate since she would often be a deciding vote – they also don’t know that Harris is Obama’s favorite little puppet, (because they really don’t pay much attention) she was Obama’s pick from day one of the presidential campaign and she is a willing tool. I say Harris presidency because Biden is on his last legs physically and mentally, he’ll be removed soon one way or another, and that is barring a miracle and somehow Trump manages to retain office and millions upon millions of good decent people are praying for that miracle – all the left knows is “Orange Man bad”, they make outlandish claims but can seldom back up any of their accusations.

  8. Where are all the “Defund the Police” grifters after yesterday? An UNARMED 14 year Air Force vet with 4 tours of duty was killed by a capitol police officer with an itchy trigger finger. Where is the outrage? Where are the riots over her?

    Oh, I get it. She was the wrong type of protester. Wrong skin color. Wrong political leaning. Wrong ideology.

    Politics in this country is a joke. Not one patriot left in DC to do the right thing. When pressed, they all folded like a cheap suit.

    This country will not last.

      1. He’s just a network hopper. Loves to be glorified on TV and his current character acting gets him a job on CNN

      1. “He (Kinzinger) appears to be the only republican with a spine”? – Wow, I can’t even imagine how screwed up your values must be, and I’ll just leave it at that out of courtesy for the page.

    1. A leveraged bet, perhaps? Could Mr Kinzinger be peering through the binoculars and dreaming about holding a higher office? If so he needs a breakout strategy. In the mean time he’s surely basking in the attention the networks give him. He has at least always aspired to a life of public service, and for that he gets some credit, at least as his record as a veteran.

      1. They’re just fine, thanks. I didn’t join the MAGA cult, but keep drinkin’ that kool aid, buddy.

    2. He is such a disappointment. I think he’s going to try to unseat Duckworth in 2 years. He stilll needs to decide if he’s going to switch parties and try in the primary or run as a RINO.

  9. The evidence of fraud, lying, cheating, etc. concerning the demonrat theft of this election is immense. Without that in a fair and honest election Trump won by a landslide. All of you never Trumpers are now satisfied due to the rule of law that has just been further cast into the garbage can further destroying what is left of the Constitution. If it stands that the Biden/Hairass administration is seated come January 20th, you will see this country change for the worse even in your blind eyes. Congratulations for quite possibly being a part of the biggest bunch of fools the world has ever witnessed.

    1. They don’t care, and they are ignorant in the actual definition of the word, it’s almost sad, but they are ignorant at least partly by choice, it is a stubborn and studied ignorance that they labor under. I’m sure it never even fazed them in the slightest, nor did they understand what it meant when Biden said “America, is BACK IN THE GAME” it made my stomach churn and my blood run a little cold because I knew exactly what he meant.

  10. Adam Kinzinger “It is with heavy heart,,,.” Bullshit Adam you’ve been a never Trumper since day one. My, my, my, the lies that you people tell. And btw Adam, have someone with a brain read and explain what the Constitution is all about. That is, if you’re interested. If John Wayne were alive today he’d be a good one not to put up with your sniveling – I was in the military cover like you’re some kind of hero. Nah dude, traitor is what fits your persona.

  11. @Goodbye Illinois you voted for Biden because of Trump extremism? Ready yourself for Goodbye America with the Biden/Hairass demonrat extremism. You ain’t seen nuttin’,,,,,,,,,,,yet. (Hoping and praying that I am 100% wrong.) But you apparently left Illinois a demonrat held state for a demonrat presidential administration with house and senate control. Wow1

    1. But did we really vote for Biden? I mean we haven’t had voter ID since I moved here in 2002. It’s only population centers that voted for Biden.

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