Fly on the Wall: Wrong McCarthy

Flying around McLean County Administration I overheard they aren’t on board with divvying up the cost of Normal’s recycling drop boxes 3 ways. Of course Trustee Kevin McCarthy believed the utterings of the City Manager saying an agreement was close. It isn’t. Maybe Pam Reece can explain herself.

It will be similar to her claiming the indoor dining meeting complied with Pritzker’s utterings when it obviously didn’t.

(Will your elected representatives ever quit believing what they are told without fact checking?)

6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Wrong McCarthy

  1. In other news, reports are circulating that Black Rock Investments and Soros Fund Management will be among the next investors in Rivian Automotive. Still think Rivian isn’t tied politically to Agenda 21 and Kooskoos? Do your own research if you must.

  2. McCarthy believes anything Pam tells him. Isn’t the entire premise for his elected role to question staff?

    1. Staff is just in it for the pension – elected officials need to stop letting the tail wag the dog-

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