Bloomignton 1/11/2021 meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

The cost of buying a page for the financial statements keeps going up. See the page on PDF page 14:

Why isn’t abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission back on the April ballot? When non-elected officials can’t be held accountable for screwing up elections they need to go. Besides, Bloomington doesn’t get the bill – the County does.


The City of Bloomington has used the same auditor for 5 years. Monday night the contract is going to be extended through 2023. This is BAD public policy! Using the same auditor over and over means fresh eyes won’t be looking at the data and relationships could become too cozy. This should be rejected regardless of how much money to City claims to be saving:

Green Top must have been about an alcohol desert instead of a food desert:

Connect Transit will be making a presentation. Do the words used and Connect Transit belong on the same page?

This item is back for a final vote – expect outrage from the far left:






4 thoughts on “Bloomignton 1/11/2021 meeting

  1. Looks like the evils of capitalism have overtaken Green Top. Haha! Guess it’s not as altruistic as the elitists would have us believe. There’s certainly nothing wrong with making money, but I’ll remind everyone (as Diane alluded to), Green Top was sold to the taxpayers and residents as a solution to a “food desert”. It would seem that the only thing they can make money on (and have demand for) is rent from subleases in the complex and the sale of booze. And…Connect Transit is back to tell the City Council and Mayor how great they are and of course how much more money they need to provide their vital “quality of life” services to the community. Ugh. Connect Transit does not belong in the same sentence as “plan” and/or “strategic”. They burn through taxpayer money, provide horrible service to those most in need, and continue to waste time and resources trying to convince people with cars to give up their freedom and ride a government bus on a government-determined schedule. Yup, just a few more ads in the Pantagraph and on GLT, and the average person will want to leave their car in the garage and ride a brand new electric, green bus. Right.

  2. I want to know how many rear bus tires Connect goes through every year. Look at the curbs at every corner on their routes, they’re black with rubber. The current buses are just too ponderous for much of B/N’s infrastructure.

  3. Time is not far off where they will attempt to ” needed force” to make you and me comply but not them. Look in the news today, the country is already falling apart due to attempted far left proposals and mandates. Trying to force out Trump when he has less than two weeks left? The hideous rally by the local socialists last night with plenty of support for it by commenters. The announcement a few days ago in another publication that Rivian is gladly taking George Soros money to fund their operation. These idiots haven’t seen “insurrection” yet if they continue down this road.

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