Bloomington: Expect tax increases

By: Diane Benjamin

Only one Public Comment is worth listening to. Go to 39:40. A guy is upset the Bloomington police post pictures of people of interest on social media hoping the public can help locate or identify the person. Worth listening to for another perspective.

This re-zoning got sent back to the Planning Commission. Evidently people in the area didn’t know about the project when it was at Planning, the Council decided they need to be heard before a final decision:

The Council got a first look at the upcoming budget. The General Fund used to keep 15% in reserves. It has been over 22% for a couple of years now.

Don’t look for better roads, the Local Motor Fuel Tax projection is down because of people working at home. Of course roads can ONLY be fixed with Motor Fuel Taxes when they used to be funded from the General Fund.

Discussion included hints of property tax increases to fund pensions and pay the bond they plan for O’Neil pool. Stay tuned. They knew O’Neil pool needed replaced for YEARS. Now you need to pay for it.

Both of Jenn’s initiatives for Indigenous People’s Day passed. I’m sure she thought she scored a victory, but Bloomington never celebrated Columbus Day and won’t celebrate the new day either, so she gained zero. She believes everybody is an oppressor but her.

2 thoughts on “Bloomington: Expect tax increases

  1. Something to complain about with police. Oh dear Adam. Do you know that the Capitol Police used social media to arrest people? Do you know that working with the public solves crimes? Are you just another cop hater? Most will disagree with your theory.

  2. Local MFT is down but Local Sales Tax and a portion of the General Fund will be used this year to keep the level of commitment for road repair. At least that is what was said during discussion last night.
    I’m not a fan of $10M for an aquatics center which is only used for 3 months/year. Replace the current pool and add a few amenities. If the City doesn’t address the expenses for pension and the gold plated health care coverage, taxes will skyrocket.

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