Illinois is the WORST State for Middle Class Families

This is Kiplinger, not some conservative outlet trying to play politics:

Before both Bloomington and Normal decide to raise property taxes, and Unit 5 does again – these were the rates:

District 87: 5.144810

City of Bloomington: 1.090100

Unit 5: 5.355410

Town of Normal: 1.032630

7 thoughts on “Illinois is the WORST State for Middle Class Families

  1. And the people know it. In 2019, it is reported that 79,000 people left the state of ILLannoy. The population of Bloomington is about 75,000. Imagine that in one year the entire city of Bloomington population vanished.

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      1. Oh, but haven’t you see the yards signs that say “THANK YOU GOVERNOR PRITZKER FOR PUTTING PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS” ? They show me exactly what sort of person lives in that house.


  2. As I sit here in Tennessee I can’t help but wonder why that exodus number isn’t higher. We moved out of Illinois for this very reason six months ago and are sitting on 1 acre of land with house and tax bill was $700 bucks! Tennessee is open and businesses are not hogtied and forced to close.

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