When you can’t win on issues . . .


RE: Normal Township races

Wednesday evening the  drawing for ballot placement took place for the Normal Township races slated for the April 6 Consolidated Election.  The Democrat candidates drew first place in order for the Normal Township Races. I wish to congratulate both Amy Conklin and Ray Ropp for their success in overcoming a technical challenge to their candidacy conducted by current Normal Township Supervisor Sarah Grammar.  The electoral review board rejected both objections.  In the recorded hearing on the objections, it was revealed that the effort to cast out both her opponents, Amy Conklin and senior trustee, Ray Ropp was orchestrated by Ms. Grammar.  Her actions cost the Township legal fees and work hours processing the objections. The final decision validated that both Amy Conklin and Ray Ropp had on file the necessary documents required by state law. Moving forward I congratulate the full slate of Republican candidates who desire to serve Normal Township with good principles of stewardship and accountability.   That slate consists of Robert Cranston running for reelection as Tax Assessor; Arin Rader running for reelection as Highway Commissioner; Ray Ropp running for reelection as Senior Trustee; Floyd Aper, Carl Haney and Art Rodriguez running for Trustee positions and Amy Conklin running for Township Supervisor.  Ms. Conklin currently serves as the Township Clerk.  Judy Hanks is running for that position.






2 thoughts on “When you can’t win on issues . . .

  1. By the time April rolls around Biden should make it painfully obvious to more demonrats just how radical the democrat party has become and therefore vote the left wing lunatics out of Normal. Still the good guys better have their poll watching skills all lined up as the domonrats are proven cheaters.

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