Ward 7 Candidates

By: Diane Benjamin

Note: I know only one of these candidates, Kelby Cumpston. He is running as a team with 3 other socialists. Mollie Ward I only know from watching her at Council meetings since she was appointed to fill Scott Black’s seat.

The primary election to remove 3 of these from the April 6th ballot is February 23rd. Since this is Illinois, early voting has been taking place already.

Information I was able to find on the candidates: (limited amount available!)

If any of these candidates want information added, contact me.

Mollie Ward:

A 20-year resident of and current representative for Ward 7, Mollie Ward is director of Spiritual Care and Ethics Committee co-chair for Carle BroMenn Medical Center/Carle Eureka Hospital, and co-founder of the McLean County Interfaith Alliance.

She was endorsed by Responsible Cities PAC. Some of the founding members of that PAC were Chris Koos and Mike Straza. She is the status quo candidate.

Mollie is a Democrat.

Daniel Freburg:

Daniel is a Republican who was appointed by Tari Renner for the Citizens Beautification Committee.

Kelby Cumpston:

Far left socialist:

June Peterson-Middlebrooks:

Only information available is she isn’t a Democrat or Republican.

Coretta L Jackson:

Coretta is the only candidate with a website: https://corettajackson.wixsite.com/my-site/about-coretta-jackson?fbclid=IwAR2rfSVAARIDqQIwom2RF9uYF6qODsNBtoB1M-1ppYI8CQXhf7vg5e-tCok

(If the others have a website, send me the URL)

Coretta has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She is a democrat. Look at her website for more information.





5 thoughts on “Ward 7 Candidates

  1. A Poli Sci major AND a Democrat! WOW DOUBLE WHAMMY!!
    Basically NON-ELECTABLE!
    Yeah Stanky, we’re SCREWED!
    Can I just write in “None of the above” and have an autonomous city-kind of like the cars they’re working on??


  2. These people are clueless as to the role of City Council. Problem with education, contact the School Boards of District 87 and HCC.. Want fitness on the West side, explore the city parks. Want health services, contact the County Board or Public Health Department. Need transportation, contact Connect Transit. All of the entities are supported with local tax dollars.
    Want a grocery store in your neighborhood, get private investment.

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  3. I’d rather have 4 socialist candidates vs. 1 non-socialist candidate, that way the socialists will split the vote progressive between themselves. The question is if there is even one candidate here that truly understands the differences between capitalism and socialism?

    Liked by 1 person

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