Uptown Derailment

The best pictured I’ve seen on line was posted by Belle Pierpont. The caption says it was taken from her window.

All of the crossings from Ft. Jesse to University were closed according to the Normal Police Department at 8:30 this morning. This underpass is also closed. Several cars parked at student housing were damaged according to TV-10. No injuries though.

I wonder if anyone at the Town is rethinking building a pedestrian underpass?

(But, but, we have a grant!)

10 thoughts on “Uptown Derailment

  1. Glad no one was injured. Let’s have a moment of silence for all the cheap Red Chynese crap in the containers that were damaged in this derailment but will likely end up on store shelves or amazon anyway.


    1. A train derailing puts a smile on your face? What if someone was killed? Would that still put a smile on your face? And the editor “likes” your comment. Sick very sick. Train cars derail all the time for various reasons and no one stated that it “puts a smile on their face”. Unbelievable.


  2. I love trains. So many things can be carried on them.
    Does anyone know if the derailed train was traveling southbound or northbound.
    Also, it appears that where the train derailed effectively cuts off all rail service (cargo & passenger) going northbound out of Bloomington and Normal. (There is a rail line along White Oaks Rd – you know, right by the Rivian plant – but that travels to Peoria.)


  3. We were fortunate none of the rail cars fell off the 2 under passes. After seeing the pics on Facebook I am having second thoughts about safety of building another Underpass in that stretch. Could you imagine the time and cost to repair the damage to the “grand underpass” if it got hit.

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  4. HISTORY CHECK!! Does ANYONE REMEMBER the UNDERPASS on the WEST side of Bloomington at roughly the end of Chestnut street? They closed it down and sealed it because of all the “shenanigans” that went on in there. i THINK it was originally built for pedestrians to get across the tracks WHEN the rail yards were a BUSY place.

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