The Public Comments I’ve been waiting for!

By: Diane Benjamin

There has been a moratorium on evictions for around a year now. There are local landlords who haven’t received rent for that long. Even though assistance is available, some renters have decided to live for free instead instead of doing the paperwork. Worse, the City of Bloomington is attempting to collect past due bills from the landlords since the renters know there is also a moratorium on shutting off water. Some renters quit paying the City.

City Manager Tim Gleason stated Bloomington has a program to help those who will be evicted when the moratorium ends. I hope he screens them to weed out the slackers and only help those who couldn’t pay through no fault of their own. Using taxpayers dollars to help those who refused to help themselves merely enables them to continue expecting freebies.

Two landlords appeared in person for public comment. Neither appeared to be rich overloads taking advantage of the poor. The comments are immediately after Tim Gleason. Expenses for maintenance and property taxes didn’t stop while the renters lived for free. Tari broke his own comment rules again and told the first guy the City might have programs to help. The second received a water bill for over $1800 that included a threat to put a lien on her property.

More proof government “help” produces unintended consequences for those not on the receiving side. Could you survive for a year not being paid but expenses continue anyway?

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2 thoughts on “The Public Comments I’ve been waiting for!

  1. The City has handed out a ton of money for rent. There were several renters on Donnie Driver who were trying to pay their rent and get caught up and the landlord was applying for City Assistance for the tenants at the same time. The City Paid and the landlord never informed the tenants that the rent was paid. So The City is supplementing bigger landlords and leaving smaller landlords in debt. One has to wonder how the City is verifying that the money used for Rent is being used like it supposed to be or if this is just another Coliseum.

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