Looking bad Bloomington!

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Stay tuned, Normal is next.

Wirepoints.org analyzed the pensions funding for 175 Illinois communities. Lots of other information is also included.

Bloomington received a “D” rating.

The results prove how much government has grown in 19 years and how the increased revenue wasn’t used for essential items like funding pensions. I will post a link to all 175 results with the story on Normal. I’d hate to wreck the surprise here!

We won’t know the 2020 results for many months. Current data isn’t possible with government. Tari Renner’s massive pension funding increase has Bloomington in worse shape in 2019 than it was in 2003.

7 thoughts on “Looking bad Bloomington!

  1. I was surprised to see that the city staff pensioned were so much higher than the teacher pension. Barry and his crew of mope administrators at district 87 are clearly overpaid. I sometimes wonder why a firetruck need to go to a ambulance call, hopefully the firetruck staff don’t extra hours for each trip.
    On a side note, when did Heartland become a major university? I thought tey were going to use existing facilities, not build an empire. I guess I have not got used to such chronic lying by government entities. Thanks for listening.

    1. Why does a fire truck need to go along with an ambulance ? Clearly you have never had to carry a 450 lb person who refuses to walk under their own power. Clearly you’ve never done CPR or provided advanced care to a person who’s clinically dead. Ambulances are staffed by 2 people. Maybe learn a thing or two before you talk about matters that are way above your pay grade. Just sit back on your throne and hope you or your family never needs an Ambulance or a fire truck, while I sit in reality and know that I’ll have an ambulance arriving with a fire crew, that’s equally as well trained. I’m fine with paying a few more bucks on my property tax for great equipment and great cops and firemen. Maybe you should worry more about garbage service, poorly maintained streets and crumbling infrastructure first. Maybe the pension problems wouldn’t be what they are, had they paid their portion of the bill, instead of kicking the can down the road.

  2. And just got my Real Estate tax bill. My taxes jumped over 10% from last year, in a year of a pandemic, and yet all our government entities keep going deeper into debt….

  3. Hey, Knowingishalfthebattle…I was just asking a question. You needn’t get so bent out of shape. Its like knowing stuff is important in a discussion. Chill.

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