Normal is even worse

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

I wonder if Kathleen Lorenz thinks this makes the “professional staff” that can’t be questioned look good? That “professional staff” creates the budget, did they skip funding pensions? I wonder what will happen if Stan Nord mentions this at a meeting! I can predict:

Link to the Bloomington data:

Link to all 175 Illinois communities:

More than half got the same grade Normal got:


Again, current data won’t be available for months. Make sure to study the numbers and then congratulate the people who voted to keep the same people in office who did this:

7 thoughts on “Normal is even worse

  1. Normal should promote their F rating as much as they cram the AAA rating down our throats.

  2. Wow. But at least we have plenty of bike paths and property taxes thru the roof. A friend of mine in AZ just bought a $600k home and his property taxes are just over $2k. Unreal

  3. but, but doesn’t uptown look so nice ! believe it or not that is a big part of how Koos got re-elected. I tell these people if your house is payed off I want you to go borrow $500 thousand or a million and put a nice pond with benches in you front yard. They still don’t get it.

  4. Normal has never budgeted for pensions. They relegate this to a property tax levy and spend money on wants over needs. This rating comes on the heels of multiple tax increases that have led to lower funding ratios. The problem is getting worse, not better. In this past election campaign I submitted questions for candidate debates to at least three different outlets asking candidates what they were going to do about the pension mess in Normal. Not a single moderator asked the questions I submitted. The only question I have left is whether December’s tax hearing is going to be in person or on Zoom.

      1. Cummings probably thinks they should cover it with payday loans, shes next level stupid

  5. The Town leadership will blame ‘predatory lenders’ when this all goes south. You watch. Never their fault.

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