Six things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


A local lawyer left this comment today:


The problem with Bloomington’s IT department isn’t old technology. Not knowing where people will look for things is a much bigger problem which makes finding information difficult.

Bloomington is currently taking applications from Ward 6 to replace Jenn Carrillo. It should be easy to find out how to apply, it isn’t. Click here if you are interested.


If you no longer subscribe to the paper and fear you are missing obituaries, sign up for Obituary Google alerts. You will get emails for every local obituary published. Of course that only helps if an obituary is published. Don’t forget, I will publish them for free.

You will need a Gmail account to sign up. Everybody should have a junk account anyway, use it if an email address is required and you don’t want future spam.


A rumor is going around again that Normal’s police chief wants to retire. Since the force is losing lots of people lately he may have to wait. But, he might just want to abandon a sinking ship.


We are living in times where truth doesn’t matter. The CDC mask guidance was based on a study in India that was marked unverified when peer reviewed. Unit 5 based their mask decision on CDC guidance. Meanwhile COVID positive illegals are flooding into this country and released across the country. Democrats have their head buried and hope you don’t notice.

Social media is being used by government to silence dissent. Join me on, they have their own servers that can’t be shut down like Parler was. (Parler is back to working) I will post stories on Facebook but I don’t plan on spending time there responding to comments. Truth is not allowed on Facebook anymore, try posting articles on COVID treatments. You will get banned.

Do you use Normal’s free Wi-Fi in Uptown? Think they don’t have access to your data? I guarantee somebody does.


The Illinois gas tax is now $.5956 per gallon, not including local taxes. Wisconsin is $.329, Iowa is $.30, Indiana is $.4979, Missouri is $.1742.

Only California’s is higher than Illinois.


Everything costs more in states like California and Illinois because of regulations. Regulations create jobs for bureaucrats while making life harder for people stuck living under them. Bloomington’s City Manager stated Monday it could take over a year for the IEPA to approve submitted plans. Sewers won’t get fixed anytime soon.



7 thoughts on “Six things you need to know

  1. The sewer issues in Bloomington are much larger and affect much more of our city and most citizens, than most understand. This is a problem that will continue to exist for decades, even if we invest and address this aggressively now.

    The potable water delivery system is also a huge issue.


  2. Marht just became an enemy of local government with that post. He may be joining the ranks of Thomas Devore. Do we finally have a local attorney willing to stand up to Bloomington and Normal?

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  3. Hard to tell about Mahrt. He was once a part of the problem as he covered for the Koos Klan. Whether it was is “job” or not, you either got principles or your don’t. Just hanking in there for the pension isn’t good enough for me. I’d have to think long and hard about hiring any ex-government attorney.


    1. Don’t know if related or not but Steve was Normal Corporate Council not Bill. Steve may still work for Ancil Glick but not sure. When it comes to attorneys, they could be brothers, son or a dad to each other and it wouldn’t matter. In fact, I could see them being on opposite sides of the table as long as one of them can secure the thirty percent fee for themselves and/or their firm. That’s what it’s always about anyway.


  4. Whoops, my bad. Not the guy I was thinking of. I was wrong and I offer my apology. Mahrt challenging the establishment? That could be a good thing and probably worth some time for an initial consultation.

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