If you still think government works for you, explain this:

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader from Bloomington sent me numerous emails he had sent to the City in 2011.

Catch that date: 2011, as in 10 years ago.

Start with this email sent to former Ward 7 alderman Steve Purcell:

10 years ago sewers were collapsing on West Chestnut. Sewage was in people’s basements.

Another 2011 email sent to various City email addresses:

Read the last paragraph? Residents thought is was their fault they had sewage in their basements. They wasted their money trying to fix the problem. Insurance companies would have cancelled them for repeated claims.

Notice who the email is addressed to? Who is Kurt?

The below is from an article dated in 2006 that appeared on flood.org. That was FIFTEEN years ago:

Think the reader’s sewer system got fixed?

Nope, it is still combined sewer and storm water. Of course the problems continue as well.

So, how exactly is government working for you? What has Bloomington spent money on in the past 10-15 years?

Steve Purcell is long gone, so is Kurt Haas. So is everybody who knew the sewer system was old and failing and didn’t fix it.








13 thoughts on “If you still think government works for you, explain this:

  1. Thank you for posting Diane. It has been terrible over here for the senior citizens. It is a health hazard and Mollie Ward needs to take care of this!! She ran on healthy environment for all and these seniors are in bad shape. I wish she would take responsibility and speak up for these folks!!

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  2. The problems with the sewer system in BN is going to be around for a long, long time. There are thousands of feet of sewer lines that have been around since the early 1900’s that is still being used according to some local engineers. It doesn’t get fixed or replaced because the municipalities can no longer afford to replace the volume that needs to be after years of kicking the can down the road. It would addressed if a local muckity-muck lived in the areas affected, was a town or city engineer or a municipal staff person up in the pecking order. Since none of the above apply, it’s just easier to deny liability and claim each time the backup originated on said private property instead of admitting the antiquated system can no longer handle long periods of rain. Of course, legacy politics also is part of the picture. Fixing sewers doesn’t get you a bronze statue at city hall or parks and buildings named after you. BN is just another in a long line of Illinois communities that have reached its potential and now can look forward to years of decline.

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  3. No worries. We’ll move you all into public housing when you get to old and tired and broke and just give up from owning your own home. Then you’ll ride our busses too. It’s all part of our plan.

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  4. I have seen the sewers under east oakland and i wonder how long the old brick will hold up. Since E Oakland has become a major roadway for commercial trucks and is sinking in parts, I wonder how long it will last?

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  5. PEA… thought you were moving out? Still enjoying your crystal ball view of the future even though you left us.


    1. Why yes I did and enjoying it. Still like to expose the arrogant and the phoney of BN whenever possible though. I know some truth and like to share it with the BN little people like you whenever possible. It’s purely a recreational venture so don’t get upset.


      1. Thanks for the update Pea and thought you might have changed your mind and taken on a role with Rivian. Not upset but aspiring to know a little truth and hoping I’ll get to an enjoyable place sometime also. Maybe when the trailer gets paid off.


  6. Omg….this is awful!!! My sister and b-i-l’s house is one of the recently flooded homes with sewage….they just spent $$$$ on “fixing” their septic thinking it was their fault…. Shared this with her…. don’t suppose the city is going to reimburse them seeing as it’s the city’s fault, not theirs. 😠😠😠

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  7. Citizens get the sewage problems they allow. People have either voted for politicians who who care more about things other than keeping sewage from backing up into homes or they don’t bother voting at all. Here are some examples of things that have been a higher priority than infrastructure.

    1.) The Coliseum
    2.) Water Park
    3.) Underpass & Bike Trails
    4.) Marijuana
    5.) Defunding the police

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